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Twylah's Three Steps Towards a Better Social Brand

1. Choose Goals

Tell us what you want your brand associated with when you begin your Brand Assessment. These goals set the tone and provide a clear direction to work with.

2. Measure Reception

Your Brand Assessment and Twylah Dashboard show how your audience responds to your Tweets, and how well you're doing towards reaching your goals.

3. Set a Course

Twylah's Brand Builder gives you the feedback and tools for creating a more effective and accurate social brand. See below for more information.

A Platform Rich With Amazing Tools

Brand Builder

Brand Builder

Don't be left guessing if your Tweets are reaching their full potential. Brand Builder looks at what content is helping your brand awareness, and what needs more work. While you create meaningful content to share with your audience, your dashboard stays up-to-date to track and analyze your efforts.

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Brand Page

Brand Pages

All your Twitter content is brought together in a customizable landing page that help readers follow your posts. We categorize your content, which improves SEO and makes it easier for new followers to find you and get exposed to relevant content, information and links.

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Content Suggestions

Content Discovery

Our Tweet Suggestor helps you discover and share brand relevant content with your followers. Either share this content directly or use it as research to learn more about your chosen topics, or even new ones. Become an expert in areas that you're not familiar with, but which ulimately help your brand branch out.

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Tweets with Maximum Power

Power Tweets

Power Tweets are Tweets sent within the Twylah platform that include a link back to a particular piece of content on your Brand Page. In addition to a being a great way to read your content, your readers can find more relevant posts they might be interested in, keeping them on your page, and you on their minds.

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What the Experts are Saying

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Twylah gives you the real insights you need in order to build your brand online. If you're looking to improve your standing on Twitter and Google, then do yourself a favor — get started today.

Global Business Celebrity, TV Commentator, Best-Selling Author & Sometime Cowboy
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Twylah is like a magic mirror for those ready to see a true reflection of their social self. The graded scores and reminders on Brand Builder reflect how my social brand is doing and keeps me on track with my goals.

Enterprise Social Strategist for Wells Fargo & Mom Blogger
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Brand Builder helps my clients stay on top of their social brand, see what topics need to be better represented, and fine tune their message to become knowledge resources for their Twitter followers.

Social business Strategist, Speaker, & CEO of Tatu Digital Media

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What is a Brand Assessment?

The first step towards using Twitter to improve your brand is seeing where your message stands now, then planning out ways to make it even stronger.

After a few questions about your interests and goals, we create a detailed overview of your Twitter activity, explaining what content strikes a chord with your audience, and what falls a bit short.

After your Brand Assessment is complete, you will be able to use our Brand Builder to start planning your new social brand campaign.

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1. Complete Signup

After you choose a plan, you will need to fill out the Brand Assessment form. It should take about 10 minutes to complete. This will give us all the information needed to start preparing your account.

2. Sit Back

Aggregating all your Twitter content can take some time. You may have to give us a few hours to crunch all the data for your initial setup. This one-time-only setup does not count against your free trial.

3. Check Email

When your Brand Assessment is complete, your account is ready for action. You'll receieve an E-mail with your report and a link to your new Twylah dashboard. Welcome aboard!