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“RT @monsieurgustave: "2.5 trillion spent on war on drugs. That's @CocaColaCo's yearly profit, times a century. That's a lot of happiness" #C2MTL #breakthetaboo”

“RT @C2MTL: "What's so scary about drugs?" @SidLee bootcamp shares how they've taken up this challenge @VirginUnite @richardbranson #C2MTL

“RT @C2MTL: "#Failure is a temporary state, it doesn't last." - @AndyNulman #GrowWings @Just_For_Laughs #C2MTL #inspiration”

“RT @C2MTL: "If everything works, we haven't gone far enough." - @AndyNulman @Just_For_Laughs #GrowWings #C2MTL

“RT @C2MTL: .@AndyNulman attended #C2MTL last year as an audience. This year he's on stage demonstrating #creativity. #growwings #C2MTL

“RT @SidLee: "You need to go all the way, in order to change the world. Optimization is not the answer. You need to think different." by Oxman #c2mtl

Press release 18-02-2013 | C2-MTL

Press release 18-02-2013 | C2-MTL

RT @C2MTL: Our Contet VP @nadialakhdari gave us an insight on Montreal's 10 most innovative companies 2013. #C2MTL #Innovation

“RT @C2MTL: Computing continues to get smaller. Everything can turn into a computer. @intel Steve Brown #innovation #C2MTL

“RT @C2MTL: "There are no shortcuts. You just have to put into work. You have to have a product that has a reason to stand." @DVF #inspiration #C2MTL

“RT @C2MTL: Hope you all enjoyed Day 2. Have a great evening at #Chromatic for The Unforeseen cocktail party! #C2MTL #celebration”

“RT @C2MTL: Good Morning! Welcome to Day 1 #C2MTL! Stay close to our live coverage!”

Twitter / hereisLotfi: We are finally live! Welcome ...

Twitter / hereisLotfi: We are finally live! Welcome ...

RT @C2MTL: Good Morning Ambassador! RT @hereisLotfi: We are finally live! Welcome to #C2MTL

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