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“There's no greater search than that of the purpose in life. #PurposeDrivenLife

“You'll never leave where you are until you decide where you'd rather be. #PurposeDrivenLife

“People work harder, longer & better when they see the purpose behind their work: #PurposeDrivenLife

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. #PurposeDrivenLife

“Without a clear purpose you have no foundation on which to allocate your time & use your resources.- Rick Warren #PurposeDrivenLife

“When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn't an option. It's a necessity.–Steve Pavlina #PassionAtWork #PurposeDrivenLife

“Not having a clear goal leads to death by a thousand compromises - Mark Pincus #PurposeDrivenLife

“The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is what is important. - Martin Luther King #PurposeDrivenLife

“There are heroes & there are legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. #PurposeDrivenLife #Legacy”

“Every story has an end. But in life, every ending is just a new beginning. #PurposeDrivenLife

“Whatever you do, make it mean something to you. #PurposeDrivenLife

“You got to approach every day as if it's your last. #PurposeDrivenLife

“Someone who thinks death is the scariest thing doesn't know a thing about life. - Sue Monk Kidd #PurposeDrivenLife

“Everyone has their own destiny. Not everyone makes the choice to pursue it. #PurposeDrivenLife #PassionAtWork”

“Remember your yesterdays, dream your tomorrows, & live your todays. #PurposeDrivenLife #PassionAtWork”

“You can't go to the past to fix the present. #PurposeDrivenLife

“Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. #PurposeDrivenLife

“We have in fact only two certainties in this world - that we are not everything & that we will die. Georges Bataille #PurposeDrivenLife

“Dying is something you have no control over. Instead of wasting your life being afraid of it, live a #PurposeDrivenLife & leave a #Legacy”

“The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. -Benjamin Mays #PurposeDrivenLife

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