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Spaceship Earth Grants

Spaceship Earth Grants

RT @Astro_Flow The heroic sacrifice of those who work to explore space inspires us to continue

“RT @SEGrants: Astronauts @Astro_Ron and @ShuttleCDRKelly look out on humankind's rarest view #space

“From Space to The Ray DArcy Show via @todayfmofficial

“A new day at the Space Center @ Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center - NASA ”

“RT @HennyWalsh: 71,075,867 miles, 2,842 earth orbits, 178 days in space! Brilliant interview with @Astro_Ron - @todayfmofficial #oyw”

“RT @FragileOasis Biomass burning over southern Africa seen in space by @Astro_Ron #OYW2014 @MRFCJ #OYW”

“RT @FragileOasis: Biomass burning over southern Africa seen in space by @Astro_Ron #OYW2014 @MRFCJ

“2 humans are "walking" in the vacuum of space right now You can watch live @ ”

“RT @emilyedgson2: I now know how astronauts go to the toilet in space thanks Ron!😄🌍🌚 @Astro_Ron

“RT @SEGrants: BLOG: @Astro_Flow | Breaking Bread. His journey to space & the #OrbitalPerspective ”

Spaceship Earth Grants

RT @SEGrants: Seeing our #FragileOasis suspended in the inky blackness of space - a life changing experience

“RT @SEGrants: We want space to be accessible to as many people as possible & so far we've had applications from 133 countries! #SpaceForAll #FlyMeToSpace”

“RT @SEGrants: What International Development Can Learn from Space Travel | By SEG board member @Astro_Ron #space

“RT @SEGrants: Astronauts recall how seeing Earth from space profoundly shifts your perspective #FlyMeToSpace ”

“RT @Astro_Flow @Pharrell Space 4 so long's been a @bbcicecream a billionaire boys club & @SEGrants will change that #FlyMeToSpace Thanks P!”

“RT @SPACEdotcom: Astronaut-Led Group Launches Contest to Send Public to Space

“RT @SEGrants: Imagine calling home after flying in #space... What would you say? ”

“RT @SEGrants: What do you think you'll see from space? #FlyMeToSpace ”

“RT @Astro_Nicole: Butch, Sasha, Yelena! @NASA_Johnson Meet #Exp41 launch to #ISS 9/25- live in space til Mar '15 ”

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