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UKBA 'risks pregnant women's health'

UKBA 'risks pregnant women's health'

UK Border Agency "endangering health" of some pregnant asylum seekers, report claims

“RT @BBCBreaking: "Beef Lasagne" containing #horsemeat found for first time in Italy - 6 tonnes of mincemeat seized near Bologna, state news agency reports”

“RT @BBCWorldTonight: coming up - credit ratings agency #Moody's downgrades UK from AAA to AA1 - we talk to independent financial commentator Michael Hughes”

“RT @BBCBreaking: UK's AAA credit rating downgraded to AA1 by US agency Moody's”

“RT @BBCBreaking: Two meat plants in West Yorkshire and Wales raided by police and Food Standards Agency over alleged supply of #horsemeat”

“RT @BBCBreaking: #NorthKorea: Monitoring agency says blast was twice as big as Pyongyang's 2009 nuclear test”

“RT @BBCBreaking: Pope Benedict XVI to resign, Italian news agency reports”

“RT @BBCBreaking: UK Environment Secretary Owen Paterson says Food Standards Agency have told him "all products on sale are safe for consumption" #horsemeat”

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