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“RT @BBCNormanS: Disciplinary hearing into #rennard to be led by Alistair Weber QC - former head of Lib Dem Lawyers assoc and experienced criminal lawyer”

"This isn't the Jimmy Savile case re-visited" - Jasper Gerard on Lord Rennard allegations - The World at One

"Why are we being told this now?" - journalist Jasper Gerard on #Rennard allegations. Listen: #wato

“RT @BBCNormanS: Friends of Clegg flag up to me that #Rennard resigned shortly after Clegg became leader ie he was given the boot but they can't say so”

“RT @TimReidBBC: Clegg's version of "screwed up": "These investigations I suspect will show that some procedures were flawed" #rennard

“RT @TimReidBBC: Clegg on Farron's "screwed up" comments: Says no what he's saying is that the women felt they were not being properly listened to #rennard

Clegg denies Lord Rennard cover up

Clegg denies Lord Rennard cover up

Lord #Rennard allegations: "We screwed this up as a party," Lib Dem president Tim Farron tells @BBCr4Today

“RT @BBCNormanS: Nick Clegg says one of the women behind #rennard claims worked in his office but never told him”

Clegg denies Lord Rennard cover up

Clegg denies Lord Rennard cover up

Nick Clegg: I knew of no specific allegations against Lord #Rennard "until I heard them on Channel 4" @BBCRadioSolent

“RT @BBCNormanS: Nick Clegg @bbcradiosolent "Ive got nothing to hide" over Chris #Rennard

“RT @BBCNormanS: Nick Clegg @bbcradiosolent "No specific allegations were put to me" over #rennard

“RT @BBCNormanS: Lib Dem Simon Hughes says there were no "general allegations" against Chris #Rennard and "not a single allegation came to me."”

“RT @TimReidBBC: Hughes says no pressure was put on #Rennard to leave as a result of allegations, which Lord Rennard denies”

“RT @bbc5live: Lib Dem MP John Hemming on @stephennolan now reacting to #Clegg statement

Clegg knew of Rennard 'concerns'

Clegg knew of Rennard 'concerns'

Deputy PM @nick_clegg to admit he knew of concerns over Lord #Rennard, not specifically of sexual allegations - BBC

“RT @BBCBreaking: Lib Dem leader @nick_clegg to admit he knew of general concerns about Lord Rennard, the BBC understands”

“RT @TimReidBBC: Vince Cable says he "absolutely" did not know anything about #Rennard allegations”

Clegg 'knew nothing' of peer claims

Clegg 'knew nothing' of peer claims

Lib Dems deny claims leader @nick_clegg knew of allegations of sexual impropriety against party peer Lord #Rennard

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