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“This #Architect is getting serious about #Storytelling. ~ #1000stories #1000faces ”

“.@saklylotfi Thanks for the follow today. ~ #Architects on #Twitter”

“RT @bobborson: I finally got my name on the door and it's in last place | new from Life of an Architect #ArchiTalks”

“RT @Patri_AcV2: I was told in #architecture school one can't be an architect, wife + mother. False + I'm not alone @Miss32percent

“An #Architect walks through one of his projects. Another great #ArchiTalks post: (Thanks, @etroxel)”

“"Marketing For Architects That Works" - An #ArchitTalk post that's close to my heart: ~ @BusinessofArch #Marketing”

“Here's another fine #ArchiTalks post. This is from #Architect @Jeff_Echols - "5 RE's": ”

“I didn't participate, but I'll share some "This is Exciting" blogs from fellow Architects: by @leecalisti #Architalks”

“I just came from our local indie filmmakers group. I'm compelled to say to my fellow #Architects "Hey kids, let's put on a show!"”

“Why (or how) "Starchitects" Are Ruining Skylines via @BrianLehrer @WNYC. ~ #Architects #Architecture”

“I'm honored to have these #architects following my Tweets now: @wvwarcht @ParsonArch and @xtremespace. Greetings, all!”

“.@ParsonArch I personally invite you to Tweet more often. We #architects will enjoy it - and the world needs your architectural story!”

“.@ParsonArch Thanks for the follow, Earl. I like to connect with fellow #architects!”

“#sketchesbyarchitects Is a new hashtag for #architects. Here's evidence that my s-books R given over 2 #storytelling. ”

“RT @rustylong: Are any of my #architect buddy's on here in #texas? Specifically #Dallas?”

“.@caldst Thanks for the follow, Susan. I'm always glad to meet another architect!”

“RT @GEArchitects: We search the internet for good design and architecture and share it on our facebok page - #architect #design”

“.@MrAnthonyLaney Thanks for the follow and the list add, Anthony. I appreciate connecting with fellow Architects online.”



#Architects on #Pinterest ~ The Life of an Architecture Project #Infographic by @YoungArchitxPDX

The Architects League Daily

The Architects League Daily

RT @ArchitectLeague: The Architects League Daily is out! Stories via @edmcolon @Circle_West @AaronSlater5

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