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“#Filmmakers and #media friends, want to see some Architectural Storytelling firsthand? Check out the #ArchiTalks hashtag.”

“#Media friends, you've seen me Tweet about the power of #Architectural #Storytelling. Follow the #ArchiTalks hashtag to see them firsthand.”

“Movie fans, if you're free this afternoon, check out the #MTOS hashtag stream. ~ #RomCom discussion.”

“#sketchesbyarchitects Is a new hashtag for #architects. Here's evidence that my s-books R given over 2 #storytelling. ”

“What if someone came up with an alternative hashtag. I'm gonna use a star. #Hashtag #alt #Startag = *startag (or is this already a thing?)”

“Social Media Experiment: I'm going to merge the two hashtags I've been using into one. Let's see where this goes, NBC. ~ #FunnyArchitecture”

“I don't follow hockey, but I follow more than a few TV and film people. As a show of solidarity I'm going to Tweet this hashtag: #GoKingsGo”

“To my new followers: I create, find, and promote the "Thousand Stories of #Architecture" (using hashtag #1000stories) ~ What's your story?”

“RT @themaxfox: I search a lot of hashtags including #indiefilm but never #indiefilms, until this morning. Discovering so much <3 for what we do out there.”

“To my new followers: I find and promote the "Thousand Stories of Architecture" (Hence the hashtag: #1000stories.) What's your story?”

“(I just went 5 DAYS without Tweeting here. That's not like me. I might be working too hard. Both Tweets included the #Storytelling hashtag.)”

“(Who knew #WalkingMad was actually a hashtag? I was making a crossover reference to the prime #AMC Sunday timeslot.)”

“.@ericdolph Thanks for the RT, Eric. And for crafting a truly valuable hashtag: #ArchFilms!”

“There was a lot of Tweeting this weekend around the #ArchFilms hashtag. I intend to keep it going! ~ #Architecture + #Film = #1000stories”

“RT @momfluential: Love it or hate it, the humble hashtag is a powerful little tool! #mediachat”

“RT @MediaLabRat: A1 Hashtags are the atomic element of social. Every person, biz, or brand needs a hashtag strategy :) #mediachat”

“Several groups are using the "thousand stories" hashtag now. I'll specify that I mean the #1000stories of #architecture. Thanks.”

“RT @Storyful: We are following the @AEJMC #AEJMC2013 hashtag with interest today. #Journalism”

“#Storytellers (& others that use the #Storytelling hashtag) have you tapped into the Thousand Stories of #Architecture? Let's! #1000stories”

Architectural Storytelling

Architectural Storytelling

What's with the #1000stories hashtag? What are the "Thousand Stories of Architecture"? Let's talk! () ~ #Storytelling

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