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“This #HaltandCatchFire guy has the sales swagger and cheap sex of Don Draper. But is he creative? We'll see. #AMC #MadMen

“#MoonLanding on #MadMen

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Snack on Amtrak! | Amtrak Blog

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Snack on Amtrak! | Amtrak Blog

RT @Amtrak: Before you watch #MadMen, check out how the architecture of the time influenced our stations.

“I'm glad #MadMen is about office politics and ad creativity again. That's why I watch it. This has been a great "season"!”

“Enjoyed these folks on Tweeter last night: @Holly500 @JayCroft @MadMenManiac @WeezieWeaver @MichaelKraver @KathyBurger. #Madmen fans R great”

“Wow, I can see I'm not the only Don+Peggy fan here tonight (re: my series of like-minded viewer Tweets) #MadMen

“RT @ryanoneil: If the very last Mad Men scene ever was Peggy and Don dancing, who would complain? #MadMen

“RT @EileenCella: I don't know if anything can top that Peggy and Don scene. #MyWay #MadMen

“RT @kathylouisehall: Don kissing Peggy (on her head). I've waited since Season 1 for that. #family Or his real love? @MadMen_AMC #MadMen

“RT @McCormickSus: Don and Peggy are my favorite. When they're not too busy hating each other they are unstoppable. #MadMen

“RT @GothamGoddess: That was a very satisfying episode of #MadMen. All is right in the world now that Don & Peggy made up.”

“RT @ABeanTweeting: Does the internet already have the image of Don and Peggy dancing in the office screencapped? Because I need it now. #MadMen

“RT @blankemon: The Don-Peggy detente made my day. #MadMen

“RT @pulmyears: Don and Peggy is the true platonic love story of #MadMen.”

“RT @mattzollerseitz: If MAD MEN had ended right there I'd have been fine with it.”

“IMHO, Don & Peggy working together is the heart of the #MadMen show. He just made her smile for the 1st time this season. #CreativesAtWork”

“I finally knocked off work. Just in time for half of #TURNamc followed by my favorite, #MadMen. ~ #AMC”

“RT @modbettie: 'No, I'd let you go Lou.' -Don Draper #MadMen

“#MadMen #twothousandandone (Did you see it?)”

“Is the Capital Records building still around? I see it in the background. #MadMen

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