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“.@MeeoMiia Thanks for the RT, Sherri. did you make the #MediaChat last night? I had to miss it. ~ Have a great weekend.”

“RT @momfluential: Love it or hate it, the humble hashtag is a powerful little tool! #mediachat

“RT @MediaLabRat: A1 Hashtags are the atomic element of social. Every person, biz, or brand needs a hashtag strategy :) #mediachat

“I'm always looking for ways to tell the #1000stories of #Architecture to a world waiting to hear them. ~ #mediachat #content”

“RT @JasonFalls: A5: There are a lot of journalists looking for opportunities right now, go find content creators and put them in that role! #mediachat

“RT @JasonFalls: A1: Your ONE job is to create content that makes your intended audience say, "Holy Smokes! That's ______!" (insert adjective) #mediachat

“RT @kilby76: Time for #mediachat! Tonight's guest is @JasonFalls on the topic of "Holy Smokes Content".”

“#MediaChat folks, I've got to run. Have a good chat and a great evening. #GoodNight”

“Stopping by #MediaChat for a moment. Just long enough to be reminded I need to get up to speed on Google+ and its Hangouts. Oh, well.”

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