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“#MeditationRevelation: Love is easy 2 give out! It's effortless! Ppl tend to complicate it. Anger, Hate, & Fear... #TimeConsumingEnergyDrain”

“"Life is a mirror. You get what you see. If you project anger into the mirror that is what you get back. If... ”

“RT @_NealeDWalsch: You must be clear about your idea of Self or of placing labels of Perfection on calamitous events will only anger the Mind and shut it down.”

“Time to turn adversity into Triumph... First step... Rid myself of the anger! #UselessEmotion”

“#MeditationRevelation: Anger is a useless emotion... It always hurts... It never helps. It's just as useless as Fear! #LearnFromThat”

“#MeditationRevelation: Ppl work to use your Anger as a guage to see how you will react is specific situations. So Control ur Anger!”

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