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“RT @OutFrontCNN: BREAKING: #JodiArias verdict is in. #Tunein to @CNN TV”

“RT @CNNPR: #JodiArias is expected to address the court and make a statement any moment. Watch on @CNN and @HLNTV

“RT @OutFrontCNN: .@ErinBurnett is back LIVE at 11pE on @CNN w/ Cleveland latest, #JodiArias trial, #Benghazi hearing and much more #OutFront.”

“RT @OutFrontCNN: AHEAD: What led to #JodiArias' being found guilty of first-degree murder? @markgeragos and Wendy Murphy weigh in #OutFront #CNN.”

What are the possible outcomes in Arias trial?

What are the possible outcomes in Arias trial?

RT @HLNTV: The #JodiArias verdict is in. Here are the 5 possible rulings the jury can deliver:

“RT @AC360: 18 days of #jodiarias on the stand trying to convince jurors she killed in self-defense. @randikayecnn reports from AZ at 8 & 10p”

“RT @AC360: What are your questions about the #jodiarias trial? Ask our legal experts by tweeting @AC360 and tune in at 8 and 10pm ET”

“RT @AC360: Next: the latest on the #JodiArias trial. #ac360”

“RT @AC360: #JodiArias breaks down on the stand today after days of being on the stand. #ac360”

“RT @OutFrontCNN: Pope Benedict says goodbye to Vatican; One day to cuts, Where is Congress?; #JodiArias breaks down on stand and much more #OutFront 7pE @CNN

“RT @randikayeCNN: back in court in #Phoenix waiting for #JodiArias to get on stand. #crimescenephotos @ac360 @EliseMiller Latest 8p ET @cnn

“RT @AC360: One hour. @AndersonCooper + @NancyGraceHLN. Live, on #JodiArias. Happening now!”

“RT @AC360: Four words: the #JodiArias trial. @RandiKayeCNN is in #Phoenix with all the latest. #AC360 tonight!”

Hear how the Jodi Arias case unfolded

Hear how the Jodi Arias case unfolded

RT @AC360: All you need to know about the #JodiArias trial: sex, lies, and scandal! #AC360

“RT @AC360: Initially #jodiarias lied about killing her ex - now she says it's because she was ashamed. Our legal experts weigh in at 8, 10p”

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