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“RT @joelmchale: Dear Canada, I love your cool see-through-space-money. #CoolSeeThroughSpaceMoney #GalacticCreditStandard ”

“RT @YourHoodLawyer: Lol at @sherasaurus  basically wanting hush money from the video game industry. @Chonilladotcom 

706: For The Love Of Money

706: For The Love Of Money

RT @TBGWT: New! The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast 706: For The Love Of Money - Retweet and Vote!

“RT @YourHoodLawyer: "You gonna buy an ad but don't have enough money to buy a picture?" - @2FishTerilyn. @Chonilladotcom 

“RT @FeltFive: Just got followed by Choooooooonilla dot com! Lol thanks for the follow. I see money in yall's future because of this @Chonilladotcom

The Biz-nass of Creation.

The Biz-nass of Creation.

Bill Nye loves the kids! Ken Ham wants your kids money and Young Earth Creation is not a viable business model.

“RT @cagbi2000: I'm throwing all of my money @sherasaurus for this stripper song playlist! Yessss! #Chonilla”

“RT @SayDatAgain: I put my money on GOD -@Clovasaurus me too sir cause he always win am I right? Ha! @Chonilladotcom

“RT @youngsinick: R. Kelly is a sexual deviant. If you give a sexual deviant money for a sexually explicit album, it says [something] about you on some level.”

“RT @evo_08: @Chonilladotcom @Delaproser get that money 0% corporate tax and personal tax in the state” "Around the Web"

Photo: Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won't expect it back.

“#Chonilla #Q&A: Have you ever stolen money from your parent purse or wallet when you we're a kid? If so, what did you buy? #MiniHomeThug”

“RT @YourHoodLawyer: LOL at @Pie314e's story about thebeating from his mom after stealing money from her purse, SMASH, SMASH, SMASH like Kai. @Chonilladotcom

“RT @caliwinter: @Chonilladotcom holy shit, this is like a trip back to childhood: "finding" parents money and recycling for allowance...”

“RT @CaptainODog: #TLFCPOD 12 with @chillinmiami. We talked about beating kids, the sex work days and begging for money. Hope you enjoy.”

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