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“.@iamQuincyJones irrelevant because not analogous to this case: what would they do in such an altercation? #Ferguson”

“"@arielmou: Thank you @ChrisCuomo for having me on @CNN's @NewDay to clarify Mr. #Tahmooressi's case." Thank you, and please come again.”

“.@Bridd65Bridd @NancyGraceHLN @NewDay so, what do you think abt #Detroit missing kid case? Kid is 12. Truth will be known”

“.@riggsbeem where you hold in taking suspect before case solid. One would think terror requires more urgency. Make sense now?”

“.@Ambassador_G 2008 Heller case. Scalia leading. How many times did it deny that right before? 4. SCOTUS said it was a constitutional fraud”

“.@rsleejr what is his case? #Sterling”

“.@sasha3taylor I misread ur tweet. I disagree. Dems should participate and make their case.”

“"@MxedChiq: NOT very objective on this one huh?" he wanted to test his case. And I introduced the factors abt casino that could help case

“.@GoOsEofthe7SEAS I introduced two factors abt casino that help his case as well. Fairness is priority especially when testing #drunkgambler”

“.@JosephTacopina says 90% of #ARod case wouldn't make it in court. But "no evidence" is different than "didn't do it" ”

Philadelphia priest to be released after appeals court reversal -

Philadelphia priest to be released after appeals court reversal -

RT @NewDay: What do you think about this Philadelphia priest case? Should he still be held responsible? #NewDay @ChrisCuomo

“.@nameisnotsusan she asked to face the toughest/harshest stuff out there to give her best case to remove doubt. Knox thanked me after.”

“.@cardealerjoe my opinion doesn't matter but my closing page is my take on the current case.”

“.@AdamCarrollEsq thanks...but "weird" and proof of a crime are very diff as u know. Many think there would be no case vs her in US”

“.@spry70 @eblakepr as grandma said: u open u ears, then u open u mind, then u open u mouth :) Seriously, worth the watch if u follow case

“.@shcro1 no baffling mystery. Legal issues abt how case proceeds, questions abt surveillance powers remain, and so do I. See u on @cnn

“Key now is for gov to make complete case to remove doubt, and show what prez says to be true: that US values justice above all else #boston”

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