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“"@Macs_Wax: @ChrisCuomo Thanks, Chris!"the wing is the thing! 455 or 400?”

“"@AndrewKirell: Air it out, Chris. Air it out. We'll be here." Can't wait to read how u misrepresent it.”

“."@dettigsgal: @ChrisCuomo Chris- why do you give this guy the time of day? Better than that."forgive me. Off my game.”

“RT @ebarkerlaw: @ChrisCuomo @planetscape stay safe, Chris. Thanks for bringing us this news. A double tragedy now-downed plane and blocking access!”

“"@SimonOstler: @ChrisCuomo good morning Chris." Hey, bud”

“RT @nycoem1: @ChrisCuomo @lilium479 Chris might push hard on issues but he's always fair.”

“."@nashmtanggo: @ChrisCuomo if i tell you what i feel now or what we feel now, DO YOU EVEN CARE Mr. Chris?" I would not ask if I didn't”

“RT @PaulMV: @ChrisCuomo @Bob_Hunt could not have said it better myself Chris! #brilliantleagalmind”

“"@kayj412: @ChrisCuomo Hi Chris last time I talked to u it was a Saturday and u were fishing! Do u still find time to do that? :)"yup”

“RT @LitaESheehan: @ChrisCuomo: Hi Chris, just started following @NewDay....yayyyy😊☺👏👏”

“."@keithgoldsby: What do you think about the VA Scandal going on Chris?" Not new. VA does many things well. Need diff acctblty structure”

“."@OnlyWhiteTiger: @ChrisCuomo @adopolitics @Merci3591 @BettyMalo Chris you come from a good family" thanks. U r right.”

“."@adopolitics: @ChrisCuomo @Merci3591 @BettyMalo Chris, are you running for governor?! ;)"I run FROM the governor :) journo forever!”

“"@JOJOinthe310: @ChrisCuomo What time is it in the East, Chris??"time to get a watch :)”

Twitter / NewDay: For more behind-the-scenes ...

Twitter / NewDay: For more behind-the-scenes ...

RT @NewDay: For more behind-the-scenes photos from @ChrisCuomo in Brazil, follow Chris & his producer @JGriffNYC #CNNWorldCup

“."@Dawnci: You sound like an Baptist preacher on Sunday morn: "US of A"
".Preach, tell it - tell it like it be, Brother Chris!" BEEEELIEVE”

“RT @BrajkovicDb: @ChrisCuomo @LaraBaldesarra Today this is it #Chris Wear this Jersey with Pride not a bone head a real journalist you & Lara #TeamUSA enjoy”

“RT @KarlaDeVito: @ChrisCuomo @SInow Thanks Chris!! Robby's mission since he wrote One on One! It's in his book I'm Not Dead Yet! @IUBloomington great school!”

Twitter / NewDay: .@ChrisCuomo meets ...

Twitter / NewDay: .@ChrisCuomo meets ...

RT @NewDay: .@ChrisCuomo meets #TeddyGoalsevelt! Follow Chris & producer @JGriffNYC for more photos from Brazil #CNNWorldCup

Chris Cuomo Explores Favela Tavares Bastos During #WorldCup2014 | Facebook

Chris Cuomo Explores Favela Tavares Bastos During #WorldCup2014 | Facebook

."@NewDay: Hey Cuomo, aren't you in Brazil to work?! Check out an album of Chris' adventures: " #favela ain't a vacay

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