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“RT @LindaKonkiewicz: @TeamCNN @NewDay @ChrisCuomo Are they available with a picture of Chris on them? :)”

“"@HoltenMark: @ChrisCuomo @DaveGaze Word Chris."word is bond"”

“RT @SteveAdubato: @ChrisCuomo @adansnan Well said Chris. This comment helps keep Twitter in perspective.”

“"@MikaylaScanlan: @ChrisCuomo no seriously Chris. You do." Nah, I just test who matters so you can judge and act.”

“"@KateBolduan: "@DunnPrincess: Ladies!how do you sit next to Chris everyday without fainting?" I've been vaccinated:)" THERE IS NO CURE :)”

“.RT @melrobbins: @ChrisCuomo @NewDay #truth great talking with you this am, Chris! ALWAYS AND THANKS FOR REMINDING NOT TO BLAME VICTIM”

“."@Joekyle1: @ChrisCuomo Great interview with Reza. Very informative. Thanks Chris." Great to have smart talk w/ someone who knows the deal”

“RT @JadeJax88: @ChrisCuomo hi Chris, I have no idea why this Walter guy is including you in his tweets but I already stopped giving him attention.”

“RT @guth421: @ChrisCuomo hey Chris ! are you a Republican? it sure looks like it. you got me. is it the tie? thought i hid it better.”

“RT @londoncage: @ChrisCuomo @CNN Good morning Chris! Have a great day! YOU TOO, THANKS FOR LETTING ME HELP YOU GET STARTED”

“RT @ThosKennedy: @ChrisCuomo right on Chris spoken like a true Jets fan but you have to love um. J-E-T-S. hope they arent last”

“."@DeniHale:Chris- when r u coming back to the New Day studio? Y'all make up an unparalleled trio! Many of us miss you" tues. Thx :)”

“RT @dettigsgal: @ChrisCuomo keep up the positive, Chris. Looking forward to seeing you back in the studio on #NewDay”

“RT @brendajohima: @ChrisCuomo Hey Chris, following you now, from Vancouver Island, Canada.”

“RT @horsevalley: @ChrisCuomo @Trishie_11 Been a big fan of Chris since MH 17. Reporting before officials get there. Not leading questions, leading journalism”

“RT @JeffSievers: @ChrisCuomo Chris: 30 yr Print guy And J. Prof. I appreciate your fair, careful, crisp work while and under pressure.”

“RT @HomefrontHugs: @ChrisCuomo you have been going above and beyond to show both sides of the issues in #Ferguson - bravo Chris

“RT @GeorgieRayner1: @NewDay Outstanding interview. Right Q's get reliable answers thanks to @ChrisCuomo Mr. Brady solid, amid hard Q's. TY Chris

“."@hawks_sandra: @ChrisCuomo @rahmanj @NewDay miss you chris glad you're coming back." #ferguson bound.”

“RT @StratSessions: @ChrisCuomo Congrats Chris: Top 6 Journalists on Twitter - a list by @ChicagoDesign

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