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“RT @TheAntO: @ChrisCuomo How's your dad doing, Chris? home. feeling good. thanks for asking”

“"@ladydianasue: @ChrisCuomo @perrylee11 @aichestyles You tell them like it is Chris" Too much heat for constructive talk or now.”

“"@doirebhoy1: @ChrisCuomo that a little white lie????" #truth complete disclosure. I am just snapping and posting when can”

“"@cPRIME_1: @ChrisCuomo Chris. Would like to sea you interview him." Me too but let's see what else is in abc intv first. May not need to.”

“"@shcro1: @chriscuomo @rustyrockets Chris, you looked like you were all about that hug. It's ok"#truth one time u wish u were me?”

“."@gutenmarten: I just wanna say that Chris is the best thing since sliced bread while interviewing" we work hard at it on @NewDay. Thx”

“."@CyberCiety: "a non-governing Cuomo"?? Chris do u really let them call u that? smh... @NewDay" they try to get to me but they fail :)”

“MT"@Salkencat: ok Chris...on Dish...lost Cnn...watching Fox...monkey wrench in my Kate doing?" COMPLAIN. She is great.”

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RT @Absolutely_Abby: @ChrisCuomo Hi Chris! Trying to get 1 Million people back to work! Can u help spread the word?

“"@UncleJimsWorld: @ChrisCuomo @Calvinthebarber Not all Guys Chris! #Respect" thank the lawd u r right.”

Michael Whetstine on Twitter:

Michael Whetstine on Twitter: "@ChrisCuomo You know many Janet (Jackson) is a huge supporter of amfAR. You rock, Chris. @MikeCheck1814"

RT @remixer1: @ChrisCuomo You know many Janet (Jackson) is a huge supporter of amfAR. You rock, Chris. @MikeCheck1814

“RT @ofboru: @ChrisCuomo morning Chris from New Port Richey Fl. a good @newday to you!”

“"@kiturahdoward: @ChrisCuomo you take it in the eyes? Foot in mouth Chris!" Dirty mind, young lady”

“"@jessicamaze3: @Chriscuomo hey chris is your job boring or fun just like the wwe."it is the opposite of wwe: more like mma”

“RT @Bobby6740: @ChrisCuomo @CNN Hello Chris , I am a big fan an Viewer of CNN , I watch your everyday a lot and it does keep me informed on the world news”

“MT"@vickisaxton: I follow you Chris admit when wrong (rarely happens)" Wrong often. Admit less often because...I am a man”

“"@thorburnose: @ChrisCuomo @TheTweetOfGod Chris: Is that an endorsement?"He should not shill”

“"@tb1fan99: c'mon Chris, when you put it out there, it's open to criticism. You know better than that." And I am free to come back, right?”

“.RT @Rosemarrisa: .#kilbinsky @PaulCallan @ChrisCuomo Very informative interview Chris. BOTH ARE VERY STRONG. NOW YOU DECIDE FOR YOURSELF”

“RT @Rosemarrisa: .#kilbinsky @PaulCallan @ChrisCuomo Very informative interview Chris

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