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“RT @Pontifex: Let us not forget the cry of Christians and all vulnerable populations in Iraq.”

“.@dextervanzile @DanielSeidemann are you trying to explain away a source of major concern among Christians?”

“RT @Barrack007: @ChrisCuomo G- PHOTOS ISIS killing Christians Mosul CHILDREN BEHEADED Middle E. International News Catholic Online ”

“RT @DanielSeidemann: @ChrisCuomo @ymedad A typo: Christians were 19.5% of Jerusalem's population in 1947 (31,500), and 1.5% of the population today (13,000)”

“.@DanielSeidemann @ymedad others say there are more Christians there than ever. That was the point of one angry blogger (redundant?)”

“.@greg30127 Israel is not fighting a religious war. It is an existential battle. Christians are not fighting; they are being persecuted.”

“#christians persecuted by #isis. Reports that town overtaken and believers of Christ running for their lives. Will media and you respond?”

“On @NewDay speaking of media bias, columnist refers to Christians being chased out of #iraq by #ISIS. Underreported? Why?”

“Hope @CristinaCuomo heard me saying marriage is abt love...balance out all the hate I am getting from "Christians" :) debate matters.”

“.@MetLaugh of course all Christians do it. Was just explaining why I do it. The season is the reason...take no offense :)”

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