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“.@JoAnn0924 people have right to protest. But they were not thugs. If yelling "cnn sucks" is the worst of it, we r in good shape”

“RT "@Nikka_777: #CNN @ChrisCuomo is such a drama queen. Fear mongering over a nonexistent govt #shutdown." except, exact threat being issued”

Chris Cuomo: Man of Conscience and Integrity

Chris Cuomo: Man of Conscience and Integrity

RT @westlifebunny: #ICYMI: My interview with @ChrisCuomo for @TheHudsucker #newday #cnn #chriscuomo #journalism #socialmedia #news

“"@DrMazzotta: @ChrisCuomo I'm pissed CNN not on dish network. My mornings are ruined! How can we get it back? CNN is my fav" direct tv”

“MT"@Salkencat: ok Chris...on Dish...lost Cnn...watching Fox...monkey wrench in my Kate doing?" COMPLAIN. She is great.”

“RT @toughcook: @ChrisCuomo Told Dish CNN replacements, ALJAM and MSNBC, are not news programs but propaganda. They gave me a small discount. Hurry back.”

“RT @kadkins000: @cnn @NewDay My morning dose of my 3 Vitamins C's - Coffee, CNN, @ChrisCuomo

“RT @Bobby6740: @ChrisCuomo @CNN Hello Chris , I am a big fan an Viewer of CNN , I watch your everyday a lot and it does keep me informed on the world news”

“RT @fitzpatrick_m: Nice to see CTV's Craig Oliver on CNN right now with @ChrisCuomo talking about Kevin Vickers #OttawaShooting”

“RT @ancestry: CNN's @ChrisCuomo discovers a new branch of his proud Italian-American family tree. Read more here: #CNNRoots”

“RT @NewDay: "I fought & won, w/ lots of help." Cameraman Ashoka Mukpo is officially free of #Ebola: #CNN

“RT @ancestry: "FUGAZI!" via CNN's @ChrisCuomo as he discovers a new branch of his proud Italian-American family tree on #CNNRoots NOW!”

“ RT @DaveGaze: @ChrisCuomo Did you see this? Kudos...


“"@aikins_sarah: @grmoll @WVAinMD @NewDay ----yes we watch CNN because you are good interviewer and honest" And I am weak link on team!”

“RT @MHiresh: @ChrisCuomo @CNN You work so much! Grateful for all of you at CNN. The only Real Authentic News out there.ThankYou all for keeping it Real!”

“RT @NewDay: See @camanpour's full interview w/ #MalalaYousafzai from October 2013 #nobelprize2014 #CNN

“RT @CBoudreau58: @ChrisCuomo CNN Heroes nominees once again just leave me in ah of the awesome work they do. Not for money, because they truly care.”

“RT @ChristineStergi: @ChrisCuomo i love your reporting style with great respect.. and your morning team.. never miss your show. #cnn love u guys”

“RT @mikeybbq: Former CNN anchor: How breaking news changed my life balance #news #media”

“RT @SpencerTolliver: @ChrisCuomo thanks for getting me interested in CNN! Miss you on GMA.”

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