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“.@coach_sfreeman well, if it is about community standard, we should figure out where are as a community on this, right? #AdrainPeterson”

“#AdrianPeterson faces jail time because his spanking of child exceeded what community would think is reasonable. Is this pc to extreme?”

“.@Lunadelux @Richard_Zoller but shooting at someone running away is tough to justify unless person fleeing is threat to community

“.@DaveGaze what they share matter most: concern for how community moves forward from this #Ferguson”

“.@kcarr78 I refer to night as when trouble started w/ community. Shooting midday. Body left for hours. Then reax as word spread #Ferguson”

“.@chopperchip11 I hear you. @NewDay But it is about the immediate issue at hand which is police/community tension.”

“Local and community leaders are being encouraged to come out tonight or to plan protests before nightfall. #Fergsuon”

“#Ferguson the cycle continues until leadership creates a new cycle. There is no confidence in the community that their issues matter”

“"@wromradio: I believe Chris to a very good reporter and honestly one who is respected in the community. we support him 150%" appreciated”

Community Buys Christmas Gifts for Robbed Soldier

Community Buys Christmas Gifts for Robbed Soldier

RT @NewDay: Community buys Christmas gifts for robbed soldier: It's today's #GoodStuff w/ @ChrisCuomo #NewDay

“RT @paula65writer: @CNN @ChrisCuomo Love Actually IS NOT a classic. IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE is a classic: the message of love and community, etc. #NewDay”

“Intentionally not reporting death toll because it will only go up. This is far from over. Whole communities reduced to splinters #okwx”

“"@RickGordon3: @ChrisCuomo The religious community will never agree with any science commission anyway, Chris." Resist cynicism :)”

“Today is #WorldWaterDay. Nothing matters more for life, community and future. Plz support @charitywater and @scottharrison's good cause”

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