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“#KansasJCC the mother, Mindy Corcoran, speaks of her son's death with unusual grace and purpose at her church #faith on @NewDay

“RT @DanaKsw: @ChrisCuomo On April 4, 1968, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., 39, was shot to death in Memphis, TN. #NewDay”

“#PhilipSeymourHoffman's friend says reporting abt his death has been wrong. Nat enquirer forced to retract story abt gay life/drug spiral”

“"@tuckahoetommy: @ChrisCuomo you would feel warmer in #GMEN cap" death first”

“How extraordinary the death toll goes DOWN. Here's hoping it stays that way. Of all we saw today, it's the strength that stands out. #okwx”

“Intentionally not reporting death toll because it will only go up. This is far from over. Whole communities reduced to splinters #okwx”

“.@PodomusCapital that's what science is for. The same used to be said for death FYI.”

“RT @kafuller64: @mammadooks @chriscuomo rare fatal brain disease w/no cure/treatment.Kids are blind,unable to talk,walk,eat/drink then bedridden til death.”

“#Pope. I am told, as Cardinal, he was close to JPII, and questioned waiting for death b4 succession. This may be his "glorious exit"”

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