Death Tweets by @ChrisCuomo

“.@RENOWN2U what is dumb, is being excited by killing. Be around more death, maybe you will lust after it less.”

“.@aaarocket37 did I say it was wrong to kill obl? That I wish they had not? I am not excited by death, no matter how warranted. Ok caveman?”

“.@BenHowe @wittier appreciated. Some tweople seek trouble not truth. When u r around death as much as I have been, u see things differently”

“RT @cnnbrk: Death toll in Turkey mine fire rises to 245, officials say. ”

“.@peter_delone u could say He was an extremist for love. Non-violent, cheek turning love. The only death Jesus condoned, was his own.”

“"@GersonBorrero: @GloriaPazmino Kiss of death for @ChrisCuomo" only the media would take this seriously.”

“."@mjmbusiness: Peterson, if he caused physical injury he was WRONG"and criminal. But right to go from proby to "death" sentence in nfl?”

“"@klastastic: @ChrisCuomo go read the charges. #dobetter"I did and covered his other kid's death. Many are arrested for much less as well”

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