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“."@mjmbusiness: Peterson, if he caused physical injury he was WRONG"and criminal. But right to go from proby to "death" sentence in nfl?”

“"@klastastic: @ChrisCuomo go read the charges. #dobetter"I did and covered his other kid's death. Many are arrested for much less as well”

“judge's exact words "culpable homicide competent verdict" that is negligent or reckless behavior causing death of another #OscarPistorius”

“"Now therefore disclose us to ourselves, and tell us all that has been shown you of that which is between birth and death" Kahlil Gibran”

“.@zaneaskins untrue. I respond out of respect for different ideas but what u say is false and insensitive given a man's death.”

“.@informedblackmn @CNN he says they changed the chant in crowd and he does not endorse calling for officer's death #Ferguson”

“.@rahmanj depends on findings abt his death. One of many ?'s that has #Ferguson boiling. Leaving Europe shoot to cover for @NewDay tmrw”

“RT @NewDay: Police @CommissBratton speaks to @ChrisCuomo about controversial chokehold death & #NYC's top security fears. Tomorrow, 6am ET on @CNN

Twitter / Vic_EastwoodCNN: .@ChrisCuomo live on #CNN from ...

Twitter / Vic_EastwoodCNN: .@ChrisCuomo live on #CNN from ...

RT @jlangdale: .@bakkerdenhaag @ChrisCuomo It is disgusting, I agree. "Smell of death hangs" over him. See:

Twitter / Vic_EastwoodCNN: .@ChrisCuomo live on #CNN from ...

Twitter / Vic_EastwoodCNN: .@ChrisCuomo live on #CNN from ...

RT @Vic_EastwoodCNN: .@ChrisCuomo live on #CNN from the site of the #MH17 crash for @NewDay. The wrenching smell of death hangs over us

“"@ssanchez518: @ChrisCuomo yes the death toll has risen in Israel from 0 to 1 and the death toll in gaza is 213! Did u report that?!"yes”

“.@LeroyLight not true. Death toll lopsided. So is bombing. Peace only answer.”

“.@KimberleyMonari @CNN I said it is Good Friday. And it is called good for a reason: it is taught the death was a gift of life for all”

“#KansasJCC the mother, Mindy Corcoran, speaks of her son's death with unusual grace and purpose at her church #faith on @NewDay

“RT @DanaKsw: @ChrisCuomo On April 4, 1968, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., 39, was shot to death in Memphis, TN. #NewDay”

“#PhilipSeymourHoffman's friend says reporting abt his death has been wrong. Nat enquirer forced to retract story abt gay life/drug spiral”

“"@tuckahoetommy: @ChrisCuomo you would feel warmer in #GMEN cap" death first”

“How extraordinary the death toll goes DOWN. Here's hoping it stays that way. Of all we saw today, it's the strength that stands out. #okwx”

“Intentionally not reporting death toll because it will only go up. This is far from over. Whole communities reduced to splinters #okwx”

“.@PodomusCapital that's what science is for. The same used to be said for death FYI.”

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