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“.@rulajebreal thx for coming to @NewDay. much 2 debate abt #gaza coverage.I apologize in advance 4 the lack of civility online re this issue”

“RT @RobinRoberts: X0!"@ChrisCuomo: "@lmays327:morning debate: #NewDay w/@ChrisCuomo or #GMA w/@RobinRoberts."us for news, rob for a dose of best person on TV"”

“"@lmays327: My morning debate: #NewDay w/@ChrisCuomo or #GMA w/@RobinRoberts."us for news, rob for a dose of best person on TV”

“.@georgewill "a pig with a pen" says @melrobbins re his take on college sexual assault. Or is @benfergusonshow right that worthy of debate?”

“RT @benfergusonshow: Did an op-Ed columnist go to far talking about woman and sexual assault. The details and debate next @CNN @NewDay @ChrisCuomo @KateBolduan

“Philip Mudd says the debate over mirandizing #AhmedAbuKhatallah is "humorous" - no "law regulation or policy" says to ”

“Can't debate #2A on twitter. Tho it is the only amendment that would fit. Google it and learn truth: not meant for what construed as 2day”

“"@HobbitSteve: @ChrisCuomo acting as Danald Stirling on @CNN in debate #Priceless"his attorney was my role. And I got crushed :)”

“Smart debate absent hate lives! Strong points abt #nba #sterling mess on @NewDay @MalikRose @DarrenKavinoky. Should he be forced to sell?”

“.@Veronica4324 u get it. It is about how u debate and about what. Of course there is disagreement but are u offering ideas or just bashing?”

newday cuomo donahue cnn

newday cuomo donahue cnn

#ICYMI our full #NewDay intv w @CatholicLeague pres Bill Donohue. It's a debate that needs to continue- lend ur voice

“Hope @CristinaCuomo heard me saying marriage is abt love...balance out all the hate I am getting from "Christians" :) debate matters.”

“."@benfergusonshow: @ChrisCuomo always a good time on @NewDay thanks Chris for having me on!" Best to the fam. Let's keep the debate going!”

Twitter / ChrisCuomo: Telling moment in our #NewDay ...

Twitter / ChrisCuomo: Telling moment in our #NewDay ...

Telling moment in our #NewDay debate over #SB1062-- Kellie Fiedorek equates gay marriage to the KKK and Koran burning

“"@K454R1: @ChrisCuomo your Zimmerman interview was the BEST." It kept attn on the debate. Showed him for what he is and isn't. Thx for attn”

“."@wromradio: Your very welcome Chris, anytime. Tom" there is a real debate to be had; only regret abt wasted twit-energy for many”

“#guncontrol here's what happens when u buy a gun and the two sides of n ground check debate
Will RT range of thot”

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