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“.@DD_01701 #Sotloff beheading reminds of the risk journos take to let you know what is going on in the darker world. Respects to his family

“.@fredri1 @nativekittens @chevymo @NewDay a young man has become a pawn for too many and it is wrong. I feel for mike brown, jr. and family

“.@horsevalley @Trishie_11 appreciated. Enjoy family and weekend.”

“RT @SecolaEdwards: I see that you're preparing us supporters of Mike Brown's family and Dorian Johnson of what to expect at trial. @ChrisCuomo @NewDay

“.@patrick12143290 risk to journos should reinforce understanding of commitment of media who go. #JamesFoley and his family in our prayers”

“RT @PoloSandovalCNN: #Prayers for James' family. "@cnnbrk: American journalist James Foley beheaded by ISIS. "”

“RT @Montel_Williams: Another gem lost today. #LaurenBacall lived a life worth talking about talking about. Amazing woman. Prayers w her family tonight. RIP”

“RT @Sanchezdalbert: @ChrisCuomo Hola Chris. Did you know that mental illness was highly contagious? The entire family gets it:”

“RT @gsimonds1: @ChrisCuomo @Rld1227 Another huge help is to have family members that can be part of treatment.”

“RT @tre0808: @VTDiva01 @ChrisCuomo you have a beautiful family and baby that need and love you! Don't allow sadness to overwhelm you.”

“.@LisaCollins9 and his family has to live with how he passed. Everyone suffers. Not blaming just reminding how hard mental illness is.”

“.@VTDiva01 #RobinWilliams loss is horrible for his family and friends and hopefully opens door to seriousness of mental illness. Like cancer”

“RT @Vic_EastwoodCNN: It's not my tragedy, not my family, but it's hard not 2 b emotional hearing from a family who lost 2 sons #MH17 #tragedy @ChrisCuomo

“.@bobloblaw1717 @CNN but his family will want every bit of his effects, right? #DignityForTheLost”

“."@OnlyWhiteTiger: @ChrisCuomo @adopolitics @Merci3591 @BettyMalo Chris you come from a good family" thanks. U r right.”

“"@AuntieQs: @ChrisCuomo ...who is your favorite person to share a dessert with??"family

Twitter / ChrisCuomo: Alabama D. Dog dreaming of ...

Twitter / ChrisCuomo: Alabama D. Dog dreaming of ...

Alabama D. Dog dreaming of biting my ankles #puppylove #family. Our lab/chow/other 14 wk old rescue

“Kudos to @IndraPetersons. facing incoming storm for @NewDay family. #respect #Arthur”

“"@DetroitGal: @ChrisCuomo . Folks in Detroit r saying the family is responsible. Looking forward to your story." Ez assumption. Facts needed”

“"@saraheste: ballin' @ChrisCuomo on @NewDay @CNN with 9-yo basketball sensation."so quick. Such a great family. Good luck to them”

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