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“"@lhsamet: @ChrisCuomo So if you don't like the law change the law, Don't blame DW for doing his job" not abt the law; about enforcement”

“.@watchinyou882 intellectually dishonest. it is not ok for someone to die because they broke the law. courts decide punishment not cops.”

“.@FrEdwardBeck meh. you feel respected when you are respected by the law. we will say what Francis said about that, which may be most imp”

“.@devonholstad he was indicted. pled NOT GUILTY. agreed to counseling. carges dropped. called a pass. #RayRice law matter more than #NFL”

“"@WoWSteve: @ChrisCuomo @freshini perhaps the law needs to be changed."judging by thread, people like it as is. Funny how many threaten me”

“.@freshini and law allows it”

“.@Rolujen @marclamonthill he made it well. Can spanking not be abusive? Law says yes. Agree? #spanking”

“.@_IamAdrienne u r asking questions and that is perfect! push congress to vote and pass a law or not. cant duck const respnsblty”

“.@Ez4u2say_Janis agree. but law allows it. only kids can be hit under law outside of self defense. why would #nfl punish it more than law?”

“.@kevinbarry9212 #nfl not unique. most people ok hitting kids. paddling legal. spanking still ok under law. this is abt "us" not "them"”

“.@ArleneRidder @charolyn_ but law doesn't have zero tolerance for hitting kids. Shouldn't we start there?”

“.@JoeSchmoeVideos @ArleneRidder true! But times have changed in terms of PC but law lags. Again, kids only humans who can be hit legally”

“.@mmuhammad95 @zaneaskins @mjmbusiness welts are assault. Fear is not respect. Our law won't allow same to adults, why ok with kids?”

“.@tmkrause I am not judging. It is about what law recognizes. I often want to use force. Right now on trolls. But issue is what's ok”

“.@iamwatertribe but it is still legal! How can you do something to a kid that you can't do to an adult under law #spanking”

“.@pnuts_mama read my thread after this. He didn't spank. He assaulted. Should any spanking be allowed by law? Can't spank an adult.”

“.@TenaciousEye no. I think it is degrees of same thing don't you? but it is not all punished by law.”

“.@UncleJimsWorld @andyacr as a matter of law yes”

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