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“.@Bruinsgal8 law changed to protect women. Be proud! :)”

“.@mpejko the us is governed by law. That is what unites us. U follow ur faith as is allowed under law. But leave judgment of others to law

“.@MenofStJoseph no law in az requiring you to work with gay marriage. I have to say, depresses me to even type that. Jesus is love, no?”

“.@Comu @CatholicLeague all marriage is man made. Religions have their own concept and that's ok. But law decides what marriage is.”

“.@GovBrewer vetoes #arizona law. Legislature needs supermajority now. Did gov make right choice? As a matter of law/politics/both/neither?”

“.@Jim22754 negativity is not a proxy for insight. Lgbt not protected class in az so no need for law to secure relig freedom”

“.@CatholicLisa I am catholic as well and ur judging contradicts ur faith. The az law is not necessary for freedom or relig”

“.@Allnkat @SenJohnMcCain he did not vote for the #Arizona law at hand. It is a state law. He is a federal/US senator”

“.@sontajay sorry. Thot u meant me. He doesnt vote on state law but u r right abt urgency”

“"@mitchiphone: @ChrisCuomo @KXAN_News It's a new bill."an amendment to an existing law that protected recognized religions from state action”

“.@mitchiphone @KXAN_News free exercise is a must but question is why does #Arizona need this law? Lgbt not a protected class there. Thots?”

“.@101flyboy @YouTube I get free exercise but absent a state law declaring lgbt as protected class, why need law except to blunt tolerance?”

“.@MatthewJLB she equated a gay marriage with the kkk and Koran burning. Free exercise is vital and unfettered by law in az. why need law?”

“.@brc_craig #Arizona has no such law does it? And Lgbt does not have federal protection as a class. Free exercise is vital. Is this law?”

“.@ZackFromDC how about confronting an issue that passed a major state legislature? I am not making this up, pal. It is a real law

“This #arizonabill that amends a law to let businesses refuse to do business with people who offend their religious beliefs - good idea?”

“"@Legaleagle26: @tmkrause you just got Cuomoed. #realtalk" not a contest. Goal is to debate an #dobetter. Law and culture change needed!”

“.@GwenJackson how it is helpful to escalate violence to combat violence? Why say war? Change the law and the culture to be peaceful”

newday cuomo angelacorey cnn

newday cuomo angelacorey cnn

RT @NewDay: Michael Dunn Prosecutor opens up on everything from FL's Stand Your Ground law, to people calling for resignation:

“Exclusive w/ Prosecutor and parents of #JordanDavis @NewDay. Were mistakes made #DunnTrial? Pros says no duty to retreat in SD law problem”

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