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“.@dukeofbc @NewDay it is hard to find anyone who understands law to say #zimmerman verdict was a shock. On proof at trial it was self-def”

“.@jerry25a @NewDay law and order top priority. But if only priority, situation will only get worse.”

“.@Rschrim not a political position. That's ur bag. Kids deserve mercy. Fix law. Deport who is illegal. Secure border. Don't make kids pawns”

“.@HauserConrad @zzdinup u joke abt forsaking humanity. These are kids. U can fix the law w/o mistreating them”

“.@SlimRootboy what law is upheld by calling the kids gangbangers, suggesting they will add to crime tho detained and fomenting protest?”

“.@savingamerica2 first, you decide who deserves to stay as law dictates, treat them humanely, esp the kids, and then if illegal, follow law

“"@Masked_Menace: what to do next? send them HOME." Follow the law. Do any deserve asylum? How do we treat them while here?”

“.@RogerGascoigne @Bob_Hunt are u suggesting prez not enforce law? Isn't that the opposite of the right's lament that he ignores law?”

“.@Bob_Hunt no, all u hear from right Is that left created problem. Hence clarifying bush signing law in question. #balance”

“.@keithgoldsby @portdauphin the law and its enforcement should be above politics.”

“.@wendylemons1 the goal is justice. Fairness under law. And it matters that he has pts and is a US vet who needs help #tahmooressi”

“Philip Mudd says the debate over mirandizing #AhmedAbuKhatallah is "humorous" - no "law regulation or policy" says to ”

“The law says blood is thicker than water. But is it right that their daughter is now with a man she never even met? ”

“.@deanne128 I don't judge. But he had to be held to account and his words are offensive and he is wrong on the law, both federal and state.”

“.@Bruinsgal8 law changed to protect women. Be proud! :)”

“.@mpejko the us is governed by law. That is what unites us. U follow ur faith as is allowed under law. But leave judgment of others to law

“.@MenofStJoseph no law in az requiring you to work with gay marriage. I have to say, depresses me to even type that. Jesus is love, no?”

“.@Comu @CatholicLeague all marriage is man made. Religions have their own concept and that's ok. But law decides what marriage is.”

“.@GovBrewer vetoes #arizona law. Legislature needs supermajority now. Did gov make right choice? As a matter of law/politics/both/neither?”

“.@Jim22754 negativity is not a proxy for insight. Lgbt not protected class in az so no need for law to secure relig freedom”

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