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“"@think300: @jrterrier5 @socal_chlln @ChrisCuomo He just confuses journalism with being a lawyer, on occasion." Hollow criticism”

“"@Legaleagle26: @ChrisCuomo @Jewell757 @CNN are you a lawyer as well?"yes”

“.@Jewell757 @CNN I have never advanced such a theory. Period. I asked about it and did not counter the reply of wit's lawyer. #Ferguson”

“RT @DetroitGal: @ChrisCuomo . I like your journalistic style. You got this lawyer watching morning news once again.”

“.@jade4you19 I am a lawyer. It is a membership, like a condo association in a way. #Sterling made a deal and now has to live by it”

“.@rlong98 I am a lawyer and I was mediocre :) skills work well for TV though, natural to argue both sides. Thx for watching @NewDay

Twitter / ChrisCuomo: #MichaelDunn: everyone has ...

Twitter / ChrisCuomo: #MichaelDunn: everyone has ...

#MichaelDunn: everyone has opinions, but u need to know the case. This is his lawyer. We test him from the pros. side

“"@BMonikaisSexy: @ChrisCuomo Chris you should of been a lawyer" I am :)”

philadelphia monsignor conviction reversed bergstrom newday cnn

philadelphia monsignor conviction reversed bergstrom newday cnn

By popular demand, @NewDay intv with Fr. Lynn's lawyer. Thoughts on points made? Law vs right result?

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