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“RT @jennhanin: Lol @RusselBrand6 on transcendentalism, love, life, 3-ways, Christ, Ghandi, Malcolm X while hawking. cc: @ChrisCuomo

“.@BenHowe @wittier Taking life sucks. Even when they are evil, it is legal and warranted and wanted. It sucks that any killing is necessary”

“.@HardSayings a conversation we need to have: who controls our fate? when does life end, and begin for that matter? science leaves gaps”

“RT @TumblrHockey_: A true hero who served his life for us, rest in peace to Canadian solider Nathan Cirillo! 🍁 ”

“#MichaelBrown key: how gun was taken on of holster. goes to who feared for life. what happens in car determines actions that follow.”

“RT @paulocoelho: Why complicate life? ”

“.@NylorP @NewDay is about YOU and the stories and people who matter to you and your life. thats the job and the goal. thx for the love”

“RT @paulocoelho: Life is about:
a] a spiritual choice
b] joy
c] making decisions”

“.@IgnitingBrands president by definition is of singular importance. all life matters but there are priorities. he has security for a reason”

“RT @mikeybbq: Former CNN anchor: How breaking news changed my life balance #news #media”

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