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“RT @Etph0n3h0m3: I follow @ChrisCuomo to have a more specified range of the news. I trust him as my news source & it helps me stay connected #visitUDcomm318”

Chris Cuomo: Man of Conscience and Integrity

Chris Cuomo: Man of Conscience and Integrity

RT @westlifebunny: #ICYMI: My interview with @ChrisCuomo for @TheHudsucker #newday #cnn #chriscuomo #journalism #socialmedia #news

“.@GilTPolitics smart people liking satire makes sense. The daily show as a news source is a joke. Plenty of proof it is not trusted as news

“"@adansnan: @ChrisCuomo Says@ Chris Cuomo" Does this dress make me look fat? "" 220 of news love”

“RT @toughcook: @ChrisCuomo Told Dish CNN replacements, ALJAM and MSNBC, are not news programs but propaganda. They gave me a small discount. Hurry back.”

“.@cathyreinders cant ignore maine situation. need to know what govt can do with quarantine. for precedent sake. much other news @NewDay

The Top Cable News Shows in October Were... - TVNewser

The Top Cable News Shows in October Were... - TVNewser

RT @tvnewser: The top cable news shows in October were...

“"@sylvainvanessa: My 2 fav news men are in Ottawa! @ChrisCuomo @danbharris thank u! #CanadaStrong"”

“.@BillMoyersHQ "The news is what people want to keep hidden"”

“RT @EchelonInsights: Share of voice for news topics on Twitter, last 24 hours:

Ebola 40.3%
Obama 12.0%
Iraq/ISIS 8.1%
Ferguson 4.1%
2014 elections 3.9%”

“RT @MHiresh: @ChrisCuomo @CNN You work so much! Grateful for all of you at CNN. The only Real Authentic News out there.ThankYou all for keeping it Real!”

“."@SageWhitfield:Loving #GoodStuff today! It is nice to start the day with a big positive. An area seldom ventured into in news" Every day!”

“RT @NewDay: Rep. Jason Chaffetz says whistleblowers alerted him to news that #WhiteHouse fence jumper made it inside: ”

“.@ChefParty @adbrandt thx! But more like I am the poor-man's Brandt of news

“RT @mikeybbq: Former CNN anchor: How breaking news changed my life balance #news #media”

“.@susanmurphy113 I know. hadn't seen police report or pics when I read news and heard him call it spanking. Check thread. Clarified.”

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