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“.@skinARNP7 many agree in my thread. People ask my opinion: will only say experts say no research shows violence changes behavior long term”

“RT @zaneaskins: @ChrisCuomo @JadeJax88 @WalterGarbe Now you know how I feel. My name gets retweeted & drug through the mud just for expressing my opinion...”

“."@mnlady52: @chevymo You want @cheymo to hold her opinion? You don't know the answers either." And THAT is why I ask quez!”

“.@chevymo possible? Yes. Proof of that? And if so, was shooting reasonable? All 6 times? U don't know answers. So hold opinion.”

“.@6nsinvt @NewDay @SteveKingIA @BarackObama I called out the congressman on both. i test the opinion; you decide whether to accept it”

“RT @TalkShowLiz: @ChrisCuomo's doing good job w/ reporting such bad news.No policy opinion.No overt political motivation. Just facts/observations. Way2go#CNN”

“."@MJ_Collinz: love when opinion is held up as some kind of immutable fact."for einstein that's ok. Hence: u ain't no Einstein”

“."@WendyLuvy312: @ChrisCuomo is this a morning news show, or a morning opinion show?" The opinions are your's such as they are. I fuel them”

“"@smithysmithee: @ChrisCuomo so how would you answer your two questions?"not my job. U tweeter of mighty snark and opinion...have at it”

“.@nickmarinello if u want to talk about WHEN PUTIN LEARNED TO NOT FEAR THE US don't start with Obama. It is a fact; not an opinion

“.@tonygloster I see them as an example to call out as what's clearly wrong #xitian i am here to expose, test, and allow u basis for opinion

“.@lennobs he heads a significant group. I test opinion; I don't judge it. Important distinction for me. It is abt purpose not popularity”

“.@cardealerjoe my opinion doesn't matter but my closing page is my take on the current case.”

“RT @JGriffNYC: Helping produce the @ChrisCuomo Amanda Knox interview this morning. What would you ask her? Has the book changed your opinion?”

“.@jonny_N289 abc did the first intv. Negativity is not a proxy for insight. But don't let facts get in the way of ur opinion

“Not much reporting from me re #bostonmarathon suspects' family and their opinions, 'cuz their only relevance is info abt who radicalized son”

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