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“RT @SteelersGirl99: Kudos to @ChrisCuomo for asking all the right questions & getting the answers we need to hear! #EbolaQandA Thank You!”

“RT @felicialacole: @ChrisCuomo is seriously on fire this morning with all these Ebola/CDC questions

“RT @desertbear008: @ChrisCuomo your like an Italian howdy-doody. Talking to everyone like your audience are stupid housewives,pedestrian questions etc.@CNN”

“.@hazelD54_ weak. criticism is color blind in this instance. in fact, not asking the questions that matter would be a sign of bias.”

“.@LionelMedia why do i need your questions? they are pretty obvious. commitment to this fight against #isis front and center”

“Your questions about #ebola being answered on @NewDay right now. How do you get it? Why are flts west Africa not stopped?”

“RT @banjoonthecrag: @CNN hammers this AM: Big kudos to @ChrisCuomo /SecretService & @SanjayGuptaCNN /Ebola for asking the hard questions and demanding answers”

“two questions: #DanieleWatts boyfriend asked for id? if not, why not? also, in this case, if a cop asks for id, you legally must provide.”

“.@_IamAdrienne u r asking questions and that is perfect! push congress to vote and pass a law or not. cant duck const respnsblty”

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