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“."@DetroitGal: @ChrisCuomo . Saw the story on New Day. A lot of questions still remaining. R U going to Detroit?" Not yet. But on story”

“.@FailyLukman @cnn thank you or taking the opportunity. The tough questions will continue so please come again to @NewDay #Iraq”

“.@cwb12160 ur questions are justified #IRSscandal stinks to high heaven. One caution: IRS looking into ALL groups is a good thing”

“RT @historynerd17: @ChrisCuomo Your questions to Mudd were spot on. It's what the advisors should be thinking about.”

“RT @bamjag: @ChrisCuomo always look forward to the #NewDay show! You have interesting & intelligent questions and you like to test the boundaries ❤️it!”

“"@ritaag: @ChrisCuomo @NewDay You are now a military expert now?" No, but I speak to many. And ask questions to help you understand”

“"@smithysmithee: @ChrisCuomo so how would you answer your two questions?"not my job. U tweeter of mighty snark and opinion...have at it”

“RT @mmd2010: @ChrisCuomo great interview and it's refreshing to see you finally found a politician (@JohnKerry) smarter than the questions. #oneofthefew”

How is MERS Spread? How Contagious is It?

How is MERS Spread? How Contagious is It?

RT @NewDay: Important questions answered about #MERS: #NewDay

“.@pasadoply senator sanders cares abt vets. No doubt. But no one gets a pass on @NewDay. The questions matter too much”

“."@nicoleclee: @ChrisCuomo thank you for such intelligent and compassionate questions. #NewDay" thanks for the info. Keep us in loop”

“"@J_Bliku: @ChrisCuomo CNN needs to send you there to ask the tough questions" this presser aside, media asking right quez, issue is answers”

“.@ImbecileNation #mh370 questions: did Diego Garcia pick up plane? If so, did they disclose? If not, why not? If didn't pick up, why not?”

“RT @SergioNajarro: @ChrisCuomo, thanks for asking great questions. And for being neutral, non-biased, and interesting. Just became my favourite. #NewDayCNN”

“#MH370 information increases but questions same: what happened and where is it? Can a plane land w/o being noticed? Was safe harbor given?”

“."@WillyWil33: @ChrisCuomo You're a smart dude. Your questions are like well-placed lasers. Keep it up man!" High praise. Thank u! #NewDay”

Twitter / ChrisCuomo: .@JonBramnick says ...

Twitter / ChrisCuomo: .@JonBramnick says ...

.@JonBramnick says #ChrisChristie's under attack because he's popular. But can he answer the tough questions? #NewDay

“.@MaryMeridian the questions are what they are. She asked for nothing to be off limits and wanted to deal with a of the toughest material”

“.@chelslivi @dmsimpdana Amanda said exactly that. She thanked us for asking the tough questions so she could give doubters her side”

“.@golden747 thanks for watching. Remember, amanda knox asked to deal with the toughest questions and judgments, so she can respond to all”

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