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“two questions: #DanieleWatts boyfriend asked for id? if not, why not? also, in this case, if a cop asks for id, you legally must provide.”

“.@_IamAdrienne u r asking questions and that is perfect! push congress to vote and pass a law or not. cant duck const respnsblty”

“."@DarenSorenson: @ChrisCuomo lots of questions. Where are your answers?" You realize questions are my role, yes?”

“RT @horsevalley: @ChrisCuomo @Trishie_11 Been a big fan of Chris since MH 17. Reporting before officials get there. Not leading questions, leading journalism”

“.@SecolaEdwards @NewDay exactly. I took the questions to Witness attnys to let them put best foot forward. Same test for cop #Ferguson”

“New video of #StLouisShooting raises many questions. One it definitely answers is that neglecting mental illness can be deadly. #NewDay”

“RT @StaciAnn: @ChrisCuomo This was one of the best interviews "conversations" ever. Great questions and answers both ways. #JohnGaskin #Ferguson”

“RT @gymclinton: @ChrisCuomo awesome questions! Praying today brings some unity and peace!”

“.@DarenSorenson close in proximity and in context. Another young black male shot by cops and questions if necessary”

“.@mtracey dont use negativity as a proxy for insight. you respect the office, not what they say and do. my questions test all comers”

“RT @RebeccaPB: excellent point from @ChrisCuomo in convo with @rulajebreal who is "we"? @CNN has asked tough questions to both "sides" in every broadcast”

“RT @chacemyworld: @ChrisCuomo is asking some hard hitting questions to #JenPsaki, this is what journalism does, this is what journalism is! Thank you Chris.”

“.@saynitso it is about the 298 who died and the lack of accountability and a crime scene being spoiled. The questions had to be asked”

“RT @RogierSvB: thank you @ChrisCuomo for the coverage about MH17 and your critical view and questions

“Local Leader is defiant and hostile to questions about how #mh17 went down and treatment of the dead. Watch his answers on @NewDay tmrw”

“.@Rschrim because he wanted to answer the hard questions on a reputable outlet. And he thanked me for the chance”

“."@DetroitGal: @ChrisCuomo . Saw the story on New Day. A lot of questions still remaining. R U going to Detroit?" Not yet. But on story”

“.@FailyLukman @cnn thank you or taking the opportunity. The tough questions will continue so please come again to @NewDay #Iraq”

“.@cwb12160 ur questions are justified #IRSscandal stinks to high heaven. One caution: IRS looking into ALL groups is a good thing”

“RT @historynerd17: @ChrisCuomo Your questions to Mudd were spot on. It's what the advisors should be thinking about.”

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