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“"@UncleJimsWorld: @ChrisCuomo Do the NFL Owners have the strength to fire Roger Goodell over the Ray Rice elevator tape? #wedidntknow"nope”

“RT @thenuggetdoctor: God didn't give you the strength to get back on your feet only to run back to the very thing that knocked you down.”

Twitter / VTDiva01: @ChrisCuomo shows a lot of ...

Twitter / VTDiva01: @ChrisCuomo shows a lot of ...

RT @VTDiva01: @ChrisCuomo shows a lot of class and strength on your part - and it appreciate the dialogue. Simple as Dr. Suess.

“.@JWCashatt many saying that's old US; that now we have 2 many/not strong enough to take all comers. but isn't our diversity our strength?”

“.@mono2up have done fight training and fighting on an off for years. Very tough. #12weekchallenge is abt lean mass and strength build”

“Plz follow me on fb for #thehardway tips and updates. 12 weeks to see how much strength and lean mass we can build w/o extremes”

Twitter / ChrisCuomo: Where'd this blast of ...

Twitter / ChrisCuomo: Where'd this blast of ...

Where'd this blast of neighbor-to-the-north strength come from??? I thought they were SUPPOSED to be polite! #GoUSA

“How extraordinary the death toll goes DOWN. Here's hoping it stays that way. Of all we saw today, it's the strength that stands out. #okwx”

“The congregation applauds after this line: This is Boston, a city with compassion and strength that knows no bounds
- mayor Thomas Menino”

“.@kayleigh_erinn grandma reminds what #bostonstrong means. Sweet strength. Perservering thru pain. I believe her: krystle is an angel”

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