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“.@pappy_jim heard that. Look, anything that brings in more men and women of integrity who reflect/understand community they police is good”

“#Ferguson many locals are moving thru as calming presence. More than last night. "Do the righteous thing the right way". Many are women.”

“.@ChrisManhattan think US ready for two women on a ticket?”

“#YPG women Kurdish fighters not a new effort. deserve WAY more attention. Almost nothing else like them. @IvanCNN excellent coverage again”

“.@countdoowop1 but politics has proven more powerful than DNA. No question more women needed, but they won't be panacea based on what we see”

“"@blisswasit: @ChrisCuomo but church will never allow women in power, right?" Who knows where the dialogue goes. #gradualism”

“.@TheRealDeeNice lucky those decisions were made. #nfl is not the problem, WE are. do we realy not care when women and kids are beaten?”

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