Catfish Tweets by @ClassySharelle

“Business Etiquette | Top 10 Ways NOT to Be A Professional Catfish! ”

“OMG I almost missed the #Catfish Reunion!!!”

“I need Melissa/Abby to stop talking to Jarrod...especially every damn day! #Catfish

“How sad that somebody just decides your going to be friends now. #catfish

“I guess it can be difficult 2 love somebody romatically that youre not attracted 2, but after 18 cant just cut it off. #Catfish

“"Thats the Crazy thing about the internet, you can be whoever you want to be." | No you cant. Nieve and them will come for you! #Catfish

“He really doesnt have the right to be mad. He isnt attractive either, but I guess he didnt lie about it. #Catfish

“This was SAD when she wasnt Blonde or a Size 6...and she is soooo cute!! #Catfish

“How are you going to be busy when your ONLINE LOVE of Several YEARS is trying to meet you tomorrow? #Catfish

“If somebody fakes on you and you have been chatting online... #Catfish


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