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“Has Liv seen Temptation?? #AskScandal”

Liv and Jake as boring as Fitz and Mellie. #AskScandal”

“RT @CandiCali: "@ClassySharelle: How come Im not feeling Liv and Jake? #AskScandal"…it should be Liv an Fitz!! that's why!”

“How come Im not feeling Liv and Jake? #AskScandal”

“RT @jscandalp: Jake 'u are never home!'
Liv 'I am working'
Jake 'So am I' (as he leave Liv's apt having re-bugged it) #AskScandal”

“Damn Liv, why you watching this? #AskScandal”

“How come Liv gets to kiss all the cute white dudes? #ABCScandal”

Liv is wearing the white!! #ABCScandal”

“Lawd don't let "crazy jake" kill Fitz. When he gets that coco vino from Liv!!! #Scandal”

“Damn...Foley gon be bangin' Liv in the server room! #ABCScandal”

Liv got a little ratchet, drinking out the bottle! #Scandal ”

“Damn, I feel Liv's pain. But I want to scream-don't go back girl!!!! #TheSickness #Scandal”

“How ironic...the couple fighting in the background and Liv talks to cheating ass Fitz. #Scandal ”

“Damn Fitz is Sick that Liv tanked his candidate. Good. #Scandal ”

“I know that Liv is about to feel like crap. #AskSandal”

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