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“RT @ArevaMartin: @tstallone @DabneyPorte good point. Everyone on a campus has an obligation to kids. In some cases of abuse there are signs that r ignored”

“RT @tstallone: @ArevaMartin @DabneyPorte Exactly. Unfortunately, the system fails children when signs of abuse are often ignored.”

“RT @RobCairns: Bully Protection Tip- Blocking someone on social media is not being immature it is protecting yourself from abuse @GraffitiBMXCop #smmanners”

“RT @TomekaNapper: I'm sorry, one cannot convert anyone unless by abuse or some type of coercion, and even then a choice has to be made in the mind, 1st.”

The #SmGirlfriends get empowered with @TomekaNapper

The #SmGirlfriends get empowered with @TomekaNapper

We are listening to @TomekaNapper as she shares her story of abuse and #fostercare as a young child #SmGirlfriends

“TIP Remember...A3 # Communities take time to grow and develop a following. Don't abuse or use what you didn't create. #Smmanners”

“A3a Spam is defined as "the abuse of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately." #smmanners”

“DISCLAIMER for all #Smgirlfriends - I do not support the intentional abuse of others in any form. Women must support women if we are to soar”

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