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“THIS >>> RT @Lisalsb: @DabneyPorte Good for you! There's a big diff between discipline & abuse

“YES! RT @exavierpope: @RichmondTweh @DabneyPorte very common for women not to immediately (or ever) report domestic abuse/sexual assault.”

“RT @exavierpope: @RichmondTweh @DabneyPorte very common for women not to immediately (or ever) report domestic abuse/sexual assault.”

“RT @warrenthebull: @DabneyPorte Dabney. That quote came from longtime friend whose mom and he were deeply scarred by longtime abuse. He's in his late 60s.”

“When you ABUSE a child.... you change WHO they are FOREVER. How dare #AdrianPeterson & how dare the #NFL for not stepping up.”

“RT @mrobin032009: @DabneyPorte people gloss over the fact that verbal domestic abuse cuts just as deep as a single physical event & isn't legislated against.”

“RT @EdaciousGardens: I'm disgusted by all the abuse being brought forward in the #NFL and the way they talk about how important this... ”

“Injuries to the skin = most common sign that physical abuse of a child occurred @Float_Girl #NFL #NFLgirlfriends ”

“Was his discipline REASONABLE? Leaving marks/bruises on a four year old is ABUSE. Oh get this man off. #KellyFile”

“RT @bychristinebswk: #RayRice says goodbye to Nike, women's groups expose growing #NFL #abuse problem via @examinercom

“RT @Lindas_Voice: Domestic abuse accounts for 48% of arrests for violent crimes among @nfl players #FireGoodell #Enddomesticviolence ”

“RT @AshleyHerFFB: @DabneyPorte @herfantasyfb @PastorChaney @Fantasy_FB_Info Mental abuse always comes first & in conjunction so the decision making is skewed”

“RT @NatashaOwnfan: @DabneyPorte It's so scary that anyone could put kids into a situation like that and call it "normal" kids dance w/out that abuse

“I was appalled that #RayRice's wife took responsibility for "her part" in abuse initially. After seeing video I am mortified. #CNN”

“In the case of #RayRice, #domesticabuse via a celebrity makes leaving more difficult, esp when she apologized for her role in abuse #CNN”

“RT @ArevaMartin: @tstallone @DabneyPorte good point. Everyone on a campus has an obligation to kids. In some cases of abuse there are signs that r ignored”

“RT @tstallone: @ArevaMartin @DabneyPorte Exactly. Unfortunately, the system fails children when signs of abuse are often ignored.”

“RT @RobCairns: Bully Protection Tip- Blocking someone on social media is not being immature it is protecting yourself from abuse @GraffitiBMXCop #smmanners”

“RT @TomekaNapper: I'm sorry, one cannot convert anyone unless by abuse or some type of coercion, and even then a choice has to be made in the mind, 1st.”

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