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“RT @LAlupusLady: "@DabneyPorte: @wichitanne YES! We LOVE Amanda @LAlupusLady #SmGirlfriends" You like me. You really like me. I'd be happy to share again.”

“RT @acnease: Time for #Beautytalk! Amanda here as usual--want to let you all know that next Tues. will be my last chat. I accepted a new job in Ohio!”

“Ohhhhh Amanda @AmandaLeeEllis You have a passion for jewels AND sweatpants? We are #SoulSisters Welcome to my #NestOfFabulous”

“ Coming up Amanda! LOVE you xo

RT @LAlupusLady: @DabneyPorte #Venus @ladygaga #SpreadLove


“Waving to YOU Amanda @LAlupusLady working behind our #SmGirlfriends Avatar! I completely and utterly adore your fabulous!”

“I'm unable to make our dail mini chat #SmGirlfriends ~ I leave u in hands of FAB as Amanda @LAlupusLady leads via our @SmGirlFriends acct!”

“HIT RT if u agree Amanda @LupusLady is ROCKIN our #SmGirlfriends Twitter Account! I LOVE having her on my #DreamTeam & #TeamGirlfriend”

“Hi Amanda! RT @lalupuslady: This is fun... Hugs to @JoshSabarra @BarrettAll #BareItAll”

“Missing Amanda @LAlupusLady Let's all wave to her as she advocates for #Lupus in NYC! #SmGirlfriends”

“Waving! RT @tomekanapper: @SmGirlFriends Hola, everyone. So happy to have Amanda on today! @LAlupusLady @DabneyPorte #SmManners”

“Hi Amanda @socksinthedisco I'm attempting 2 follow up w U per our FB private convo on 3-28-13 Tried to Dm here & on FB -appears I am blocked”

“So excited to have Amanda of @LAlupusLady on our show tomorrow! Did you know it's #lupus Awareness Month? #SmGirlfriends”

“Hi Amanda! How are you today? RT @dramandayoung: @DabneyPorte Here Dabney! #SmGirlfriends”

“Hi Amanda! How are you? RT @dramandayoung: GM! #SmGirlfriends”

“Hi Amanda! RT @lalupuslady: Love to @DabneyPorte and Hello to @BeeHerz #SmGirlfriends”

“RT @OhMyJet: Amanda!!! ♥ #SmGirlfriends women helping women! MT @LAlupusLady: A10 I will not allow bullies to stop me frm being kind. @sandyhubbard #CPHC”

“YES! RT @conelien8181: @LAlupusLady thank you for the heads up Amanda! @DabneyPorte #SmGirlfriends we're going to have a blast!”

“What Amanda said! RT @amandasuehowell: @JoshSabarra I can't believe it's Wednesday already either!!! This week has flown by! #smgirlfriends”

“My #MustFollow of the day goes to Amanda @LAlupusLady She is soaring so high as she educates/inspires/supports all on #Lupus #SmGirlfriends”

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