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“RT @tstallone: @BarbaraDuke I saw your tweet to @DabneyPorte, Barbara. I'm very sorry for your loss. Much love & many hugs to you.”

“RT @parentteendr: thrilled to join your nest;) RT @DabneyPorte @parentteendr Hi Barbara! Love your work. Welcome to my #NestOfFabulous!”

“LOVE this Barbara & YOU! xoxo RT @BarbaraDuke: Are you your biggest fan? If u don't believe in urself, how can anyone else? #smgirlfriends”

“RT @kitcatlyon: @BarbaraDuke Of Course I am!! It's like loving yourself as a Big #Selfie! Ty Barbara 4 the Magz link 4 #SMGirlfriends !! U Rock! Catherine”

“Love that Barbara! RT @BarbaraDuke: •Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday. #smgirlfriends #BoomerMom”

“RT @JaneWMeade: Dreams Die in Isolation. ~ Barbara Sher #QUOTE #SmGirlfriends”

Twitter / lorisica: Beautiful Barbara of ...

Twitter / lorisica: Beautiful Barbara of ...

RT @lorisica: Beautiful Barbara of @urbangypsynyc getting styled #eastmeetswest

“Hi Jess and Ted! RT @jesslyness: @BarbaraDuke @DabneyPorte Hi Barbara - it's Ted Lemus from @NutraSumma! #SlumberParty”

“LOVE you Barbara! RT @BarbaraDuke: @DabneyPorte Waving to all of you. #smgirlfriends”

“Love you Barbara! RT @BarbaraDuke: Got to scoot! Thanks @DabneyPorte for a wonderful discussion. #SmManners”

“Hi! RT @stlsocialgroup: @BarbaraDuke Hi Barbara. #cool #avi #smmanners”

“ LOVE my #SmGirlfriends

RT @alifesobeautifl: @BarbaraDuke Hi Barbara! How are you love? #SmManners”

“Ditto to YOU! RT @iamrossyv: @DabneyPorte @BarbaraDuke Wishing you a PROSPEROUS year filled with good health & positivity, Barbara! :)”

“RT @Holly_Love2: @SmileMoki @SmGirlFriends @DabneyPorte @BarbaraDuke dear Barbara!! Happy happy birthday dear one!!! xx”

“Hi Barbara! RT @BarbaraDuke: How is everyone this fine Monday? So glad to be here today. #SmGirlfriends”

“RT @BarbaraDuke: Yes! So much fun. RT @DabneyPorte: @BarbaraDuke Hi Barbara! Getting your inner beast on w us? #TheChaseUSA”

“RT @thebendigirl: @BarbaraDuke Thanks Barbara! So glad to be here with everybody!”

“xoxo RT @KenScheer: @barbaraduke @CupcakeCutieKit @DabneyPorte @geekbabe thanks, Barbara! Have a great day everyone! #smgirlfriends”

“Love seeing my #SmGirlfriends RT @upliftingfam: @BarbaraDuke @lorisica Hello Barbara and Lori. I hope your doing great tonight. #smmanners”

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