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“Sorry to miss #Bareitall today. Buried in brilliance over here. I'll miss you. Have fun!”

“Waving goodbye to my #BareItAll friends! Thanks for another great chat Jeff @BarrettAll! xo”

“RT @MsAJRogers: Thanks @BarrettAll for #BareItAll - Enjoy your lunch! Great seeing friends @DabneyPorte, @ashleebenest and @AuntRuby - Enjoy your day!!”

“RT @MsAJRogers: BINGO! RT @DabneyPorte - @Samanthatuly @BarrettAll WAIT. I love hearing about lunch. I just don't think it's safe for us to... #BareItAll

“Blowing kisses! RT @jeanineconte #BareItAll xo" ”

“RT @BarrettAll: A5: Slowest: Montana, Arkansas. Fastest: Virginia, Massachusetts, Delaware. Here's the breakdown. #BareItAll

“RT @JasonLWebb: A1: Late to the game, but I would say yes. I would hope privacy concerns would drive it that way. @BarrettAll #BareItAll

“RT @MsAJRogers: Hi Ashlee!! @ashleebenest - Hello everyone! #BareItAll

“RT @ashleebenest: @MsAJRogers Hi AJ!! How are you?? #BareItAll

“RT @AlohaArleen: Yes. Fewer words make it difficult to share all the facts. @cebsilver @AuntRuby @DabneyPorte @BarrettAll #BareItAll

“RT @Celhyn: #BareItAll: Merging Social Media With PR by @BarrettAll via @BrandQuarterly #Branding #Creativity #Reach #Audience”

“RT @MsAJRogers: Hi Mama Dabs!! @DabneyPorte - BOOM! I'm in the room! Hello my #BareItAll friends! RT @BarrettAll: @DabneyPorte It's that time again. :)"”

“RT @SPYJakeShh: A4 it seems that more brands are going bigger experience -AC parkour during comiccon. Make an experience, make it easy to share #BareItAll

“RT @BarrettAll: Q4: Bud Light is building an entire town, "Whatever, USA." Will we see more brands go big w/ interactive content? #BareItAll

“Oh no it isn't 230! I must swoop over to my favorite chat #BareItAll! Come on over. I LOVE that nest!”

“Loving #BareItAll and YOU? RT @SPYJakeShh: @DabneyPorte @Joannahertzberg @BarrettAll @AuntRuby hi there! How are you?”

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