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“RT @terra_walker: @DabneyPorte @SunTrust I love it when brands take care of their consumers!”

“YES! RT @terra_walker: @DabneyPorte @SunTrust I love it when brands take care of their consumers!”

“Tossing it back to fun w my #SmGirlfriends as I take them to work w to a taping of The Ricki Lake Show #TBT #SocialTV ”

“RT @EmploymentHero: Rt @IsaLeeWolf #Brand Success & Likeability ~ Ten Mistakes To Avoid On #Socialmedia! ”

“I only give my business to brands that ROCK #SocialMedia TYSM for being ROCKSTARS @VerizonFiOS @Nordstrom @HomeDepot among others!”

“I am FREAKED out by #Comcast sending me to collections over their in-house billing #FAIL. I was forever LOYAL to the brand. #Betrayed”

“Do you think it is ethical for brands to PAY online influencers to tweet during a #TwitterChat?”

“RT @PinkEctasy: @TomekaNapper @DabneyPorte @BestBuy talk about brand fails. I'm so mad that @GracoBaby cared more about keeping money off their faulty seats”

“RT @sherigro12: @DabneyPorte @TomekaNapper @BestBuy @ToshibaUSA agreed. I've actually become a fan & consumer of brands because of their sm account.”

“RT @TomekaNapper: @sherigro12 @DabneyPorte @BestBuy @ToshibaUSA Sadly Sheri, tis true about brands on twitter. I've heard brands don't like these convos.”

“RT @sherigro12: @TomekaNapper @DabneyPorte @BestBuy @ToshibaUSA yes but there are many brands responsive, try to help & acknowledge. Those brands get sm.”

“Dear #Brands ~ Failing to manage your #SocialMedia accounts via active engagement is like never answering your customer service lines.”

“Or HAPPY if a brand steps up! RT @shortcakesdiary: @TomekaNapper @DabneyPorte @ToshibaUSA @BestBuy oh no not good, I would be angry”

“To be effective on #SocialMedia brands must be present and attentive to consumer tweets.”

“RT @TomekaNapper: Can you believe that my son's brand new @ToshibaUSA computer we bought from @BestBuy went to blue screen. #unbelievable #ihopeidonthavealon”

“There is nothing more excited than a potential client/brand asking me to explain how I can help in their marketing efforts ~LOVE what I do!”

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Dabney Porte on Twitter: "Tossing out #GreysAnatomy cupcakes for all my #GreysGirlfriends tuning into @GreysABC NOW! #YUMMY #SocialTV"

Tossing out #GreysAnatomy cupcakes for all my #GreysGirlfriends tuning into @GreysABC NOW! #YUMMY #SocialTV



Wow @lathurm #Rihanna is another lesson ~ 1 bad tweet can damage your brand. The #NFL now benches her song completely

“RT @Sportsgal1972: @DabneyPorte On basic media and PR, especially during a crisis. Agreed. Crisis communication impacts brands more now than ever.”

“RT @sowensphoto: A1: Yes. The brand could suffer if you don't, and doing the right thing is more important and will pay off in the end. #BareItAll”

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