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“I specialize in #GlobalBuzzMarketing! Who needs me? Let's get YOUR #Brand Party started!”

“More #ThrowbackThursday FUN! Remembering the FUN of launching the #FriendsOfRicki #SocialTV Community! ”

“RT @HDunnUSM: @DabneyPorte Hey -Great to be following!Currently working on big brand social #custserv NY conf feel free to share=) ”

“RT @IsaLeeWolf: Brand Success & Likeability ~ Ten Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media! | Dabney Porte @DabneyPorte #writing #platform”

“RT @SPYJakeShh: A4 it seems that more brands are going bigger experience -AC parkour during comiccon. Make an experience, make it easy to share #BareItAll”

“RT @BarrettAll: Q4: Bud Light is building an entire town, "Whatever, USA." Will we see more brands go big w/ interactive content? #BareItAll”

“RT @jpriceceo: @DabneyPorte Also have the exclusive distributorship for Playboy condoms in the U.S. a little different, but great brand..couldnt pass it up”

“RT @Johnmarc: RT @DabneyPorte: I just LOVE #SocialTv! #TheFostersChat evening dabney I wonder if @Rosie able to say hi”

“I just LOVE #SocialTv! #TheFostersChat”

“RT @ShiCooks: Luxury brands like Fendi, Bulgari donate millions to protect Rome's monuments h/t @morgfair

“RT @SeanMaxwell: Shoutout2 #DabneyPorte @DabneyPorte Global Buzz #Marketing & Brand Spokesperson - Baltimore, Maryland”

“RT @BarrettAll: @SusanCross1 @Joannahertzberg @DabneyPorte Talking about whether or not more brands will drive purchases directly from Twitter. #BareItAll”

“How CUTE is your brand! Love the look of your glasses @EyeBobs!”

“YES! RT @pamelaSsaunders: @DabneyPorte I see that too. A brand image breaks down when voice and content are not aligned. #BareItAll”

“I see many brands making the mistake of NOT incorporating #SocialMedia as a true PR tool, causing great confusion #BareItAll”

“A3 The ability to brand your biz quickly/promote etc via #SocialMedia makes it a true function of PR #BareItAll”

“RT @SPYJakeShh: A1 start with hiring ppl that fit the company's culture and let them go with it. Also has to fit brand... #BareItAll”

Twitter / DabneyPorte: #HotTip attached to help YOU ...

Twitter / DabneyPorte: #HotTip attached to help YOU ...

#HotTip attached to help YOU build #Brand like-ability! It's all about #SmManners ~ Social Media Manners DO matter!

“I dislike when brands send a blanket and unhelpful answer to me. It feels like a recording @MyBGE #SmManners”

“RT @ArevaMartin: @Marianne_Russo @DabneyPorte these ladies have a global community that can send your brand into the stratosphere!”

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