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“Thank you @scottbryant_ for sharing our #NFLgirlfriends community with the world! Your #SmGirlfriends HEART you! ”

“Dancing in gratitude ... @dancinmoma shares how the #SmGirlfriends community & hashtag makes her days brighter! ”

“RT @LaurenYvonneTX: Celebrate laughter & healthy communication! #SMGirlfriends #community

“RT @SmGirlfriends: GOOD morning Social Media Girlfriends! If you are new to our community please im say hello via our #SmGirlfriends community hashtag! xo”

“RT @zainabsmom: @DabneyPorte @TroothBooth @megynkelly When ppl make generic assumptions about a whole community....that is just wrong”

“Yes IanGertler Also, our community #NFLgirlfriends makes MILLIONS of impressions via Twitter on GameDay. All women. #GirlPower”

“RT @dancinmoma: @DabneyPorte I believe in the power of friendship/community (even if you can't be face to face)!! #SmGirlfriends encompasses this daily. :)”

“A #TBT to my interview w @RickiLake, launching The #FriendsOfRicki, the 1st ever #SocialMedia Community of its kind! ”

“RT @ArevaMartin: #OntheRoad2Justice 4 #MikeBrown his family prepares to say goodbye as the community continues 2 protest via @USATODAY

“RT @SpecialNeedsLA: Bravo to the 37 parent advocates who started our signature #PAM program today. You are on your way to becoming a true community leader!”

“More #ThrowbackThursday FUN! Remembering the FUN of launching the #FriendsOfRicki #SocialTV Community! ”

“TYSM! RT @livinlime: @BHGRealEstate Yes, @DabneyPorte is awesome. We love her & the #SMGirlfriends community. :)_”

“RT @virtualgestures: Good morning @DabneyPorte loving the brilliance you sparkle to our community so we can soar #SmGirlfriends”

“If YOU are NEW to our #SmGirlfriends Community please DO say hello! We want to welcome you to us!”

“Join our Social Media Girlfriends® Community of GLOBAL BRILLIANCE today! Claim you #SmGirlfriends Badge here > ”

“RT @matleb62: @DabneyPorte instead of advertising for someone else, try coming up with your own original thought and share it with the community.”

“Always be present with your child, not simply available. #DabneyTip for all the moms & dads in our #SmGirlfriends community! XO”

“It's sad @Rosie The issues your character faces in regard to community acceptance of group homes is an issue. #TheFostersChat”

“RT @ruthtaitphotos: Dedicating my 10,000th tweet to @DabneyPorte & all the fab @SmGirlfriends #smgirlfriends > a wonderful Twitter community! xo”

Twitter / SmGirlfriends: Sending a welcome to all of ...

Twitter / SmGirlfriends: Sending a welcome to all of ...

RT @SmGirlfriends: Sending a welcome to all of our new #SmGirlfriends! Don't forget to use our hashtag to join the FAB community convos!

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