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“RT @KidzStuffInc: Hello to all of the #SmGirlfriends Community! We are excited to see so many #EmpoweredWomen in one place! We love supporting parents & YOU!”

“RT @gracenote: @DabneyPorte @OhMyJet I miss DJ Wayne. He always played Xanadu for me. Grateful for our #smgirlfriends community. 😊❤️ and bottomless ☕️☕️☕️”

“RT @lorisica: @DabneyPorte @OhMyJet @SteveCassady @upliftingfam what an amazing part of our community @WayneHurlbert was He is missed!”

“ Remember...

Community = Not about ME...Not about YOU...all about US.

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“Hi Alicia @stales You & your #bcsm community inspire me daily~love to learn more abt supporting my #SmGirlfriends living w #BreastCancer”

“Be inspired! Follow the #EmpoweredWomen of the #bcsm community where they embrace #friendship as they share their #BreastCancer journey.”

“If students at YOUR child's school had contact w #EBOLA patient in #Texas ~ would YOU send your child into that community anytime soon?”

HCPS Cybersafety

HCPS Cybersafety

RT @HCPSchools: HCPS and community partners launched a cybersafety webpage today to reduce cyberbullying incidents in Harford County.

“RT @StephPrichard1: #KellyFile How can Americans let a community organizer tell the most powerful, smartest generals in the world what to do with our military?”

SM Girlfriends on Twitter:

SM Girlfriends on Twitter: "Have you joined our #NFLgirlfriends community yet? Follow @NFLgirlfriends & use the tag to join the convo!"

RT @SmGirlfriends: Have you joined our #NFLgirlfriends community yet? Follow @NFLgirlfriends & use the tag to join the convo!

“To use a community hashtag when you are not a supportive & active member, to broadcast your work is very poor #SmManners”

“Baiting me into a convo followed by a post & using a community I have worked YEARS to build to leverage such is very poor #SmManners”

“If you have a cause that you would like me to support I am IN and will always support your community!”

“When a group of individuals build a community it is wrong to be angry that your cause is not the focus! #HeadsUP”

“Thank you @scottbryant_ for sharing our #NFLgirlfriends community with the world! Your #SmGirlfriends HEART you! ”

“Dancing in gratitude ... @dancinmoma shares how the #SmGirlfriends community & hashtag makes her days brighter! ”

“RT @LaurenYvonneTX: Celebrate laughter & healthy communication! #SMGirlfriends #community

“RT @SmGirlfriends: GOOD morning Social Media Girlfriends! If you are new to our community please im say hello via our #SmGirlfriends community hashtag! xo”

“RT @zainabsmom: @DabneyPorte @TroothBooth @megynkelly When ppl make generic assumptions about a whole community....that is just wrong”

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