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“RT @AskSunTrust: @DabneyPorte We're so glad Gary could help out and calm your fears, Dabney! Thanks for your continued business; have a great weekend! ^AD”

“RT @WayneHurlbert: Rock your amazing diva dust RT @SmGirlFriends Sweet Dreams everyone

Thanks for being the #DivaDust to my soul

xoxo Dabney


“RT @HomeDepot: @DabneyPorte Thanks, Dabney! Takes one to know one ;)”

“RT @VerizonFiOS: @DabneyPorte Dawwwww, Dabney you're such a Rock Star. Cheers to you girl!”

“RT @VerizonSupport: @DabneyPorte Hey Dabney, we're thrilled that YOU'RE thrilled! Thanks for being a loyal Verizon customer! ^EGS”

“RT @NFLgirlfriends: @DabneyPorte @CTSweeper @theukpa86 it just got all PINK up in here Ms Dabney has joined the huddle WOOT just in time for a MAJOR @giants WIN”

“RT @GracoBaby: @DabneyPorte Thank you for the shout out, Dabney! We sincerely love our fans and have fun engaging with them on #socialmedia! Cheers!”

“RT @SarcasticSprkle: @DabneyPorte @titletown899004 @CDCgov reading through your TL Dabney. Great stuff.”

“RT @healthreports: @NatriceR @DabneyPorte @CDCgov #CDCChat CORRECT Dabney. Im going on. I got all night. As a Nigerian u can learn from us 170Million U>>300M”

“RT @GIZEH75: @DabneyPorte Morning lovely Dabney How r u ? Happy Thursday ❤️ Love u and yr sweet words Muah 😘❤️💖💐”

“RT @LaurenMGalley: @DabneyPorte Thank you sooooooo much Dabney!! #SMGirlfriends would love to take the pinkie challenge w/daughters. :) ”

“Waving hello! Ear jandis_price: Love This Dabney :) @DabneyPorte @GreysABC" #GreysAnatomy”

“RT @kmullett: @DabneyPorte @scrubbybubbles It's so cool to see local friends interacting w/ my online friends. Bonnie is in the same town as me Dabney.”

“RT @AnnUlrichBOLD: Hello Dabney! Just noticed you've added me to your *Empowered Women I LOVE* list - LOVE that you did ;) THANK YOU! @DabneyPorte

“RT @Coach4Happiness: #AbusedTellAll -Thanks,Dabney.I'm sick of the #NFL #Vikings & teams ALLOWING & covering up #DomesticViolence & #ChildAbuse.@DabneyPorte”

“RT @AnnUlrichBOLD: @DabneyPorte Excellent!! Here's to effective #empowerment: with & through others vs power over others. Virtual Toasting YOU Dabney! *clink*”

“RT @AnnUlrichBOLD: Hello Dabney! Ann from Mpls as in MN - Yup as in Vikings - Ill be back to join all you #nflgirlfriends after my hhr mtg @DabneyPorte

“Your words touch my SOUL! xo RT @StepfamilyTalk: @DabneyPorte @divorcedwkids You are a hero in many ways, Dabney, for that effort.”

“RT @SeniorList: @DabneyPorte Yes indeed Dabney! Here's a litmus test: If you feel guilty after spanking your child, it's probably time you stop.”

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