Date Night Tweets by @DabneyPorte

“RT @SuperMomWorkout: @DabneyPorte We like to go places that don't take kids on date night. To really get away! HA! Am I the only one? #happywivesclub”

“RT @happywivesclub: @a_biro Ditto here! Date nights are so important for #happywivesclub and our #happyhusbands :)”

“I am a BIG believer of Date Night HappyWivesClub”

“Welcome to the fun! RT @dunk_rice: Just discovered #BoysOnTwitter & #smgirlfriends - I think it's date night on Twitter”

“Swooping out for date night...enjoy your evening everyone...this girl is out of here! xo”

“No? Why? RT @ashleebenest: @DabneyPorte birthday was good! No date night. #smgirlfriends”

“Hi Ashlee! How was that birthday? Date Night? Do tell! RT @ashleebenest: Happy Thursday ladies!! Xo #smgirlfriends”

“It's Date click of stilettos...and a flip of my hair...I'm out oh here! Enjoy your night! xo #SmGirlfriends”

Date night...I'm out of here! Enjoy your evening! #smallbusiness”

“It's date night! With a of my heels and a flip of my hair ~ I'm out of here! See you tomorrow! xo #SmGirlfriends”

“It's date night ~ staying in with carryout and snuggles. Baby it's COLD outside! Enjoy your night! Thanks for a FAB day! #SmGirlfriends”

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