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“I was offline yesterday~What have I missed?
Need anything? #Love? #DivaDust? A BIG #High5? Talk to me #smgirlfriends ”

“RT @pgeorge: @DabneyPorte thanks! I check in every Wed am, show or not, for my diva dust & #SmGirlfriends positive words! You make a difference!”

“lol YES! RT @MelissaOnline: @DabneyPorte Does diva dust taste good in coffee? My mind works in odd ways ;) #SmGirlfriends”

“RT @MsAmandaGreene: @DabneyPorte YASSSSS! ~ to me is not just Yes but toss your Diva Dust in the air and pump up the pink heels, YASSSSS!”

“RT @wichitanne: OZxox @DabneyPorte @MelissaOnline We got some too! Thanks so much, adding it to the Epsom Baths..we know the drill #DivaDust #smgirlfriends”

“RT @wichitanne: @DabneyPorte thanks again too for being my FB friend! Us #SMGirlfriends gotta sprinkle Diva Dust #PonyTailsFlying XOX ”

“Sending LOVE ~ #DivaDust ~ & #SmGirlfriends chocolate & cupcakes to our #BirthdayGirls @OMGwine, @pgeorge & @izzibag! ”

“RT @SmGirlfriends: Sending #DivaDust and LOVE to you Anne @Izzibag on your #Birthday from all of your #SmGirlfriends! xoxo ”

“LOVE the #DivaDust on @iMorganHiggins shorts tonight #RisingStar”

“RT @wichitanne: @DabneyPorte YAY!!! Great way to spend the holidays #SmGirlfriends ROCK the Diva Dust ~ light up the skies! #WichitaLove XOX”

Twitter / DabneyPorte: Diva Down... Clearly I must ...

Twitter / DabneyPorte: Diva Down... Clearly I must ...

Diva Down... Clearly I must develop a stronger #DivaDust. Until then.... #SmGirlfriends

“RT @GiaBeautyTalk: @DabneyPorte Bring it girl! Ditch the hazmat suit... & bring US all the Pink Diva Dust that you can spread around to all our #smgirlfriends”

“RT @dancinmoma: @DabneyPorte Happy Friday of Fabulous!! :) Thank you for lifting us up daily with your wisdom and a wave of #divadust! :) #smgirlfriends”

“Blowing #DivaDust! RT @Holly_Love2: @DabneyPorte right hand moves up right hand moves down..w great enthusiasm (aka waving) #smgirlfriends”

The Law of Fabulous ~ Dabney Shares her Brilliance

The Law of Fabulous ~ Dabney Shares her Brilliance

Wooo! RT @JennWOW: "@DabneyPorte: "The Law of Fabulous" #SmGirlfriends" Fabulous!!! #LawofFabulous #DivaDust

“RT @adryenn: @DabneyPorte Oh I was dealing with a Primadonna and just sprinkled some DivaDust over me & was so over it! :) LOL! Glad I have a big supply!”

“Wooooo! RT @LAlupusLady: @DabneyPorte Say "yes" to *Diva Dust* #smgirlfriends”

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