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“The events of our world really frighten me. I am so concerned. An apathetic leader reinforces our apathetic nation and more. #KellyFile”

“Find your voice... World events matter! We must...for our children & the children of the world #genocide ”

“RT @MarkMcMillian29: @DabneyPorte I'm having my charity golf event for my teammate @KevinTurner_NFL who's battling #ALS oct 25 here in AZ”

“Tune IN and educate yourself on world events. Your children are worthy of you doing so #ObamaPressConference ”

“RT @MelissaOnline: ► Upcoming Conferences & Events for #Women, Entrepreneurs & Bloggers #SheOwnsIt #conference #event

“ friends, I must say...if you are NOT outraged by world events, you are simply not paying attention. #KellyFile”

“Ignoring world events will only hurt our world. Find your voice. Take action. Be heard. #KellyFile”

“Bravo. lol #Truth RT @theukpa86: @DabneyPorte @SouthwestAir ha ha I don't think so, I think they are to busy with fundraising events.”

“If you are not outraged by current events & the lack of leadership in our are simply not paying attention #KellyFile”

“If you are not outraged by current events and the lack of leadership in our are simply not paying attention #KellyFile”

“ Let's get the convo going!

Join me as together we find our voice on world events....tune in to @megynkelly on #KellyFile and #TweetMeMaybe”

“YES! Or at least a chat on world events. Absurd as they are RT @BarrettAll: @DabneyPorte I would be up for that. :) #BareItAll”

“If only we took politics out of world events & all spoke simply as moms, dads & citizens of the WORLD...maybe then we could effect change”

“If biz faces a crisis-I don't leave. I work harder. Why is #Obama attending ANY social event. He's paid to RUN biz of our country #KellyFile”

“If you don't participate in a community on Twitter ~ please don't attempt to leverage your event, cause or brand within #SmManners #Tip”

Posted from Yourvisionarylife

Posted from Yourvisionarylife

RT @AlyAndrea: Here is more info on the Live Events that Andrea is talking about on #SMGirlfriends

“ Go!



Love the shoes! RT @WayneHurlbert: Gucci loafers for the event #SlumberParty”

Social Media Girlfriends

Social Media Girlfriends

RT @SmGirlFriends: Remember to join us for ALL of our LIVE events ~

Go here for our schedule of FABULOUS!


“ #SmManners #Chat

SKILL TWO ~ Parents must stay EDUCATED & INFORMED on current events, school events, social events etc”

Are YOU ready for some football? We are ...

Are YOU ready for some football? We are ...

#FabAlert for #SmGirlfriends

We are holding #TweetLeader Tryouts for our #NFLgirlfriends Events!

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