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“RT @EdBorgato: Make this be the image of James Foley that goes viral in hopes his family sees that the civilized world remembers him ”

“RT @luvmykids2014: @DabneyPorte I am happy because i woke up to a beautifal day and my family is healthy!”

“RT @TannersDad: @DabneyPorte I advocate for families dealing w Health issues. We hv traded acute for #CIEINJA Chronic Illness Epidemic It's not just #Autism”

“RT @LaurenYvonneTX: @DabneyPorte I am celebrating family, friendship, love, serenity, opportunity, & positive blessings. Every day is special. #SMGirlfriends”

“RT @joescastillo: Prayers for Dr. Kent Bradley & Nancy Writebol and all #SamaritansPurse families families affected by the #EbolaOutbreak”

“RT @VerizonFiOS: @DabneyPorte We 'heart' you too! We couldn't be any happier to welcome you to the FiOS family.”

“RT @NicoleDeAvilla: Hi @DabneyPorte ! I have been traveling, working and hanging w family. Miss all my #SMGrlfriends”

“RT @VerizonFiOS: @DabneyPorte We are so glad everything worked out for you. Welcome to the FiOS family! We know you'll love being our Verizon Girl.”

“RT @tstallone: @DabneyPorte America by Neil Diamond reminding me of my family coming to USA & Born in the USA by Springsteen because I was.”

“RT @nicholesylka: @GoodMenProject @DrinkAriZona family dinners...I still carry on the tradition of we all eat together every night! #ThxDad”

“RT @GoodMenProject: Q4. @DrinkAriZona: What is something interesting that ppl may not know abt your family? #ThxDad”

“RT @fkat727: @DabneyPorte He really was. Everyone loved him, he was a real character! He loved his family dearly. We shall meet again! #ThxDad”

“RT @LLiebermanWang: So interesting when family has challenges you can help with but they do not listen. #SMGirlfriends”

“RT @AliHAWTNESS: Why is this family just now on tv, move over Kardashians! Amen to the humble Christley's. #christleyknowsbest”

“Ohhh @toddchrisley ~ Room full of not do little divas laughing at their (and mine) new fav show #christleyknowsbest We HEART your family!”

“RT @ebuzzedge: Praying that the mystery behind #MH370 is soon over to allow those affected to have closure. My heart breaks for the victims' families.”

“RT @WendyW_A: @DabneyPorte I can't either! I have a friend who has been missing for almost 23 yrs. The not knowing is so hard. Prayers for their families.”

“RT @nanahoonahey: If it was my family on that plane I wouldnt be offended by people demanding answers, but offended at those turning a blind eye! #DiegoGarcia”

Twitter / BarbaraDuke: My family at PINK TIE BALL ...

Twitter / BarbaraDuke: My family at PINK TIE BALL ...

RT @BarbaraDuke: My family at PINK TIE BALL in Lex KY a few years ago. Pre dinner drinks.

Twitter / ArevaMartin: Just arrived at LA City Council ...

Twitter / ArevaMartin: Just arrived at LA City Council ...

RT @ArevaMartin: Just arrived at LA City Council 4 Declaration of #AutismAwarenessMonth Gr8ful for opportunity to represent families

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