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“RT @elieldossantos: .@Delta @VerizonWireless @MillerCoors @pepsi Be carefull what you do next! My family does not support women/children beaters! @nfl @Vikings

“RT @Eliitrust: @DabneyPorte You forgot the courts and the police. Who turned the other way. This phenomenon is not new, just a family dirty secret.”

“RT @PinkEctasy: @DabneyPorte me too. My heart breaks for the children they should never have to wake up and sleep in fear for their family

“RT @NYSooner62: I lost a classmate on 9/11 & family/friends badly affected. I hv zero tolerance for terrorist actions & threats. We r not safer! #KellyFile”

“RT @kamilahvictoria: This situation is about keeping a family together. It should be a teachable moment. Excellent analysis. @ArevaMartin

“RT @Metre_I: @DabneyPorte here is my play son and his family. We were leaving game! Ravens for life! ”

“Sad #BREAKING.News #JoanRivers, Comedy Legend & TV Host, Dies at 81
#RIP Prayers to the family....”

“RT @ToriFriday: Not at war? Tell that to the two families mourning the loss of their sons! Grow some, Mr. President! #tcot #KellyFile”

“RT @Fight4A: Send us your story of how autism affects your may be able to help you with therapies, iPads, respite care”

“RT @TNRenee76: @UrMechanic @DabneyPorte True. Family, like others, continue to serve in US military to this day. Somehow we will stop these cowards.”

“RT @gretawire: Comment from Steven Sotloff family – click to read ”

“RT @AdmiralAckbar3: @gretawire if they are americans, their pics should be posted, their passports revoked, expatriated and family deported. #ISIS”

“RT @ArevaMartin: #OntheRoad2Justice 4 #MikeBrown his family prepares to say goodbye as the community continues 2 protest via @USATODAY

“RT @EdBorgato: Make this be the image of James Foley that goes viral in hopes his family sees that the civilized world remembers him ”

“RT @luvmykids2014: @DabneyPorte I am happy because i woke up to a beautifal day and my family is healthy!”

“RT @TannersDad: @DabneyPorte I advocate for families dealing w Health issues. We hv traded acute for #CIEINJA Chronic Illness Epidemic It's not just #Autism”

“RT @LaurenYvonneTX: @DabneyPorte I am celebrating family, friendship, love, serenity, opportunity, & positive blessings. Every day is special. #SMGirlfriends”

“RT @joescastillo: Prayers for Dr. Kent Bradley & Nancy Writebol and all #SamaritansPurse families families affected by the #EbolaOutbreak”

“RT @VerizonFiOS: @DabneyPorte We 'heart' you too! We couldn't be any happier to welcome you to the FiOS family.”

“RT @NicoleDeAvilla: Hi @DabneyPorte ! I have been traveling, working and hanging w family. Miss all my #SMGrlfriends”

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