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“RT @LAlupusLady: @DabneyPorte here's some sparkly glitter to toss as you please. #SMGirlfriends activate form of a Super Friend.”

“RT @LaurenYvonneTX: I love sparkles & glitter! :) #SMGirlfriends”

“Ohhh so do I! xo RT @LaurenYvonneTX: I love sparkles & glitter! :) #SMGirlfriends”

“ Words from my little diva:

"A girl is not completely dressed until she has some glitter!"

Not sure where she gets it.... #SmGirlfriends”

Social Media Girlfriends®

Social Media Girlfriends®

RT @MeeoMiia: FAB ALERT! Get your sterling silver #SmGirlfriends charm on! #glitter #jewelry #meeomiia #brand #empowered #divas #sm

“RT @NFLgirlfriends: our #RavensNation woman is here @DabneyPorte and there is purple glitter EVERYWHERE!!! #nflgirlfriends”

“ #ThingsMyKidsHaveTaughtMe = That seeing the FLOWERS is important and glitter is invaluable


“RT @amyegoodman: My son actually unleashed a bottle of glitter in the back seat of the car the other's everywhere!!! @DabneyPorte @alifesobeautifl

“Off to feed the 10 "Not so little divas" who are here decorating tshirts on my driveway for spirt week. LOTS of glitter! #NFLgirlfriends”

“xo RT @LeavUrImge2FDP: @DabneyPorte Thanks ❤! Glad the authorities didn't send u bk 2 ur glitter cell.”

“RT @DottieHardin: RT @DabneyPorte Hard for me to love your #Pats since I bleed purple glitter but i LOVE you. lol @friendcaroline @NFLgirlfriends #NFLgirlfrie”

“Yes! RT @brandideas: Dabney brings sparkles n glitter to mediachat @DabneyPorte @JanFHarvey @DabneyPorte @websuccess @MannyGasal #mediachat”

“RT @BeeHerz: @TomekaNapper @DabneyPorte Diva dreams with glitter on top that is the formula for getting to the top! #smgirlfriends”

“I am LOADED w #DivaDust! RT TomekaNapper: @BeeHerz @DabneyPorte Yep! Extra glitter. #smgirlfriends”

“RT @OhMyJet: @DabneyPorte @LAlupusLady #SmGirlfriends ♥ RT @TEDMED: .@TheWeightSaint Richard Simmons, up now. And there is a LOT of glitter. #TEDMED”

This totally... | Facebook

This totally... | Facebook

I SPARKLE....Fear my GLITTER! I love it @slcornett Thanks for sending! xo #SmGirlfriends

“RT @HouseofSquirrel: I like anything with the word "Glitter" in it!

“RT @TomekaNapper: @adryenn @DabneyPorte @DailyDimmick @GothamD Then other cellmates would be jealous b/c they don't have a "pink cell" w glitter & diva dust.”

“YES! RT @msajrogers: I could hear in your voice how excited you are RT @DabneyPorte: I LOVE the Glitter Jar ~I must have one! #SmGirlfriends”

“Got stress? Get a Glitter Jar ~ such a great concept via @LaurenMGalley I LOVE it! #SmGirlfriends”

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