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“RT @SmashFit: @DabneyPorte Yay! I want one of those things.. a vacation. I have a house full of kids right now :) #SmGirlfriends”

“RT @flick_michelle: @r_pluta @theblaze @DabneyPorte how about either decide to not have kids at all or be accountable? What a novel idea these days...”

“My poor @chevrolet #Suburban is heading 2 the shop ~may be time to say goodbye. I've raised my kids in this truck. It could be a movie. SAD”

Twitter / FoxNews: Do you know who is teaching ...

Twitter / FoxNews: Do you know who is teaching ...

RT @FoxNews: Do you know who is teaching your kids? It could be a former Weather Underground member. #KellyFile @megynkelly

“RT @MommyBlogExpert: @DabneyPorte It's great BOTH our sons have summer jobs! There are so many college kids who just take a 3 mo vacay #happymom”

“OY. Please don't sat homeschooling is for parents who are too lazy to take kids to school. Who is that guest @DrDrewHLN! #HLN”

“I LOVE how you advocate for kids @ArevaMartin Way to rock the convo w @andersoncooper on #AC360 We need an entire show that you host!!!”

“Should #parents be charged w #murder when they leave kids in the car & they die? Tough case! @ArevaMartin weighs in on #AC360 #cnn NOW !”

“Does our president not know it is NOT all about him? Even my kids have this lesson down. #KellyFile”

“I faced BIG issues w lack of placement for #USA kids in #fostercare years ago. WHERE will all of these children GO? #immigration #KellyFile”

Twitter / SpecialNeedsLA: TY President @ArevaMartin for ...

Twitter / SpecialNeedsLA: TY President @ArevaMartin for ...

RT @SpecialNeedsLA: TY President @ArevaMartin for standing up for kids this am on #FoxandFriends @FoxNews. You nailed it! #childadvocate

“Wow. Astounding info about the lack of border control and kids being used as diversion for cartel #KellyFile”

“Schools out for the Summer and my home is FILLED w celebrating kids. #NeedEarplugs”

“RT @ArevaMartin: Unfortunate that some teachers prey on students & lure them into sexual relationships @DabneyPorte we need school admin to protect our kids

“RT @ArevaMartin: @tstallone @DabneyPorte good point. Everyone on a campus has an obligation to kids. In some cases of abuse there are signs that r ignored”


RT @jodigomes: So tired of Aides/ #teachers abusing Autistic & #specialneeds Kids #EnoughIsEnough @DrDrewHLN #BusDriverAbuse

“RT @ArevaMartin: Looking forward to joining @DrRobMelillo today! June is Children's Awareness Month and we are talking all things kids!”

VIDEO: Huffington Post Live - Kids and Play

VIDEO: Huffington Post Live - Kids and Play

RT @samkj27: #Parents - We need to put down the #tech and just #play with our kids-->

“Parents MUST be responsible RT @JaynePR: @DabneyPorte yes, because their parents have no idea what their kids are doing.”

“RT @ArevaMartin: We all have an obligation 2 keep our kids safe.Let's make sure no more kids r influenced by fictional characters @ChristoZT @DabneyPorte

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