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“RT @TrustedMessage: @ArevaMartin continues to advance discussion and protect kids with her #nohitting message”

“RT @MsAJRogers: @DabneyPorte A teacher is trying to teach her class how quickly the digital world moves. You are an advocate in making kids understand this.”

“RT @StepfamilyTalk: @DabneyPorte @divorcedwkids Problem is today, too many pressures on parents and kids - definitely promote Love and Logic. Hard world.”

“RT @HeavenlyDiva34: Agreed! RT @DabneyPorte: Physical punishment doesn't get kids to comply so parents keep escalating it. ... ”

“Physical punishment doesn't get kids to comply so parents keep escalating it. That is why it is so dangerous ~ El Gershoff, PhD”

“RT @icrysta: @DabneyPorte It happens- we have all done it out of frustration but it teaches kids NOTHING about their own behavior.”

“Dear #NFL ~Give me SOMETHING to believe in. I worked w abused kids for yrs. I'm appalled #NFLGirlfriends ”

“After an hour of news I am heartbroken. From wars on humanity to the #NFL not taking a stand to protect our kids. Heartbroken. #KellyFile”

“My tips >> Parenting in the Digital Age: Keeping Kids Safe Online! ”

“RT @Amy_LMcDonald: @DabneyPorte @GoneCraZ4GOD I know. It's stupid. So many parents turn the blind eye and want to be their kids friends not parent”

“RT @Amy_LMcDonald: @GoneCraZ4GOD @DabneyPorte as someone who is 20 years old parents of the kids I went to high school with blew my mind.”

“RT @Amy_LMcDonald: @GoneCraZ4GOD @DabneyPorte they would buy alcohol for their kids and their friends. I am sorry but that's just bad parenting 😔”

“RT @PinkEctasy: @DabneyPorte @GoneCraZ4GOD it just annoys me. Drink at home! You can't expect kids to uphold responsibility if parents don't in their lives”

“RT @PinkEctasy: @GoneCraZ4GOD @DabneyPorte that's bc parents haven't grown up & are their kids best friends. Most my age still find social drinking "needed"”

“RT @GoneCraZ4GOD: @DabneyPorte Kids/Teens can be so disrespectful these days. It is sad!”

“RT @cartooninperson: @lindag199 @DabneyPorte Thanks, Linda. It's terrible. I feel sorry for the kids. The pressure, the never being good enough for people.”

“RT @cartooninperson: @lindag199 @DabneyPorte I don't get Abby on #DanceMoms either. That whole culture frames intimidation as something that makes kids better.”

“RT @NatashaOwnfan: @DabneyPorte It's so scary that anyone could put kids into a situation like that and call it "normal" kids dance w/out that abuse”

“RT @NatashaOwnfan: @DabneyPorte she should be taken off the air, it's a terrible example for kids and she is so mean, I just can't believe it's still on”

“RT @PuzzledPathway: Can't wait 2 make the kids smile 2day at the #SNNback2school resource/health fair! See you there @POCWASN @UpMotivation @SpecialNeedsLA !”

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