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Life is so very precious. Embrace it! #SmGirlfriends”

“Ohhh ya...we're jamming! xo RT @ricklondon: Love the life you live, and live the life you love.Bob Marley”

“Never get so busy making a life, that you forget to LIVE it! Get out there and have FUN! xo… ”

“Surround yourself with those who support you life rather than those who are envious of it #SmGirlfriends ”

“Through every stage of your home buying or selling process & of your life – there is @BHGRealEstate! #BHGREparty”

“RT @livinlime: RT @CarsonArthur: @DabneyPorte @livinlime lol! My life in the dirt?! -- HA! :)”

“RT @ElleDeborahn: @DabneyPorte @SmGirlfriends @CarsonArthur are talking about #life 's #garden and how to #bloom as a #flower #nofear #dowhatyoulove !”

“Well....when you are out there working IN it! RT @CarsonArthur: @DabneyPorte @livinlime lol! My life in the dirt?! #SmGirlfriends”

“He has! RT @livinlime: @DabneyPorte You are right. @CarsonArthur should write a book about his life. :0 #SMGirlfriends”

“RT @KarlaHoffman: When ppl chose words to hurt, put down or harass othrs, they're part of the problem of why life can seem so hopeless. ”

“Take your life into your own hands! YOU have the power to create your future! ”

“RT @dancinmoma: Why PASSION is a must for Success in Life and Business... via @dancinmoma Waving to #smgirlfriends ! :)”

“I LOVE my mom. Feeling so blessed to have her in my life. It's been a long journey for our relationship to BE so fabulous & I'm grateful!”

“ Dear #SmGirlfriends ~

Do what you LOVE

LOVE who you are

That is the secret to success in biz and life! xo”

“RT @StilettoNSweats: @DabneyPorte Anytime! xoxo Can't tell you how thankful I am for you and bringing so many amazing and inspiring women into my life! xoxo”

“Take your life into your own hands! YOU have the power to create your future! #SmGirlfriends #quote xoxo ”

“RT @jdroberto: Life's a beach on @BetterShowTV - and I give the hunky men's swim suit models a run for their money...sort of. ”

“RT @DTNEtiquette: Life is not only good, but it's also what you make it...just sayin'! ~ #DTN #choosehappiness ”

“RT @GDPorte: Funny how it actually works when you fully eliminate the toxic people in your life, the beautiful ones appear.”

“RT @Hannahsfight: @DabneyPorte Funds R Urgently Needed 4 Baby Hannah She Is Fighting C.A.H/2 Life Threatening Diseases Pls Give&RT ”

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