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“It was nice joining you all! RT #AreMorch: @DabneyPorte Same here #linkedinchat"”

“RT @AreMorch: #linkedinchat Thanks @SteveCassady for great info. Trying to catch up with #getrealchat..”

“RT @SheilaS: .@SteveCassady It's why LinkedIn Groups have such a crummy reputation as un-moderated spamfests. Sad. Such potential. #linkedinchat

“RT @8keith: @DabneyPorte @KalynnAmadio @LightbulbD great point, headline must be authentic on all levels, not just to grab attention. #linkedinchat

“RT @KalynnAmadio: Yes! Very smart to pay attention to who's been watching. @DabneyPorte @SteveCassady @8keith @LightbulbD #linkedinchat

“RT @SteveCassady: @DabneyPorte Yes, and the stats are informative @8keith @KalynnAmadio @LightbulbD #linkedinchat

“RT @8keith: @DabneyPorte @KalynnAmadio @LightbulbD "REAL" is the key .. I respond well to headlines that speak to me so I do the same. #linkedinchat

“RT @SteveCassady: @8keith Key, Once you show up in search, you need to get the profile view @KalynnAmadio @LightbulbD @DabneyPorte #linkedinchat

“RT @SteveCassady: @KalynnAmadio Yes, your headline travels everywhere with you on Linkedin and on Google @LightbulbD @DabneyPorte @8keith #linkedinchat

“RT @LightbulbD: @DabneyPorte @8keith It would also help if more headlines matched the article content instead of being sensationalist. #LinkedinChat

“RT @SteveCassady: RT @8keith @DabneyPorte Agreed. Takes so long to build trust and authority .. takes seconds to bring down. #linkedinchat

“RT @SteveCassady: Open Door Policy :) RT @8keith @DabneyPorte @SheilaS So glad @SteveCassady left the door ajar. #linkedinchat

“RT @SteveCassady: Content Sharing Tip 6 Is it formatted for mobile/tablet consumption? In Q1 43% of unique visiting Linkedin members mobile. #linkedinchat

“RT @8keith: @DabneyPorte I agree .. it could also create issues if info leads someone down a bumpy road. #BlindLeadingBlind #linkedinchat

“RT @iSocialFanz: "9 LinkedIn Metrics to Keep Your Eye On!" by @LinkedInExpert on @LinkedIn #LinkedinChat

“RT @8keith: A3: It's important to share content you can stand behind and understand. We don't want to mis-lead unknowingly. #linkedinchat

“RT @ChaimShapiro: I keep repeating that #LinkedIn is NOT a blog. Content shared, especially via publisher NEEDS to be publishable quality #LinkedInChat

“RT @SheilaS: Glad we're discussing @LinkedIn's Publsher feature tonight during #linkedinchat. Powerful tool, but need to incorp into your biz strategy.”

“RT @SteveCassady: I share Content, to help build credibility and to contribute good information to my network. #linkedinchat

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