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“BAM! RT @NFLgirlfriends: Lori behind the logo tonight and sending BIGcheers to @DabneyPorte tonight #nflgirlfriends”

“RT @SmGirlfriends: Afternoon beautifuls!! Lori behind the logo sharing coffee <> Welcome new followers Have an amazing day #smgirlfriends”

“Thanks so much Sue! LOVE pink and orange! xo RT @SueAnneDunlevie: @DabneyPorte I just LOVE your logo and the colors in it!”

“RT @SkinWarsShow: You got something on your back! Oh, it's our logo! Join @RebeccaARomijn on August 6 for the premiere of #SkinWars! ”

“BIG shout out to @lorisica for being the voice behind our #SmGirlfriends logo!”

“A big shout out to @lorisica of #TeamGirlfriend ~ working our #SmGirlfriends logo! Woooo!”

“RT @SmGirlfriends: Lori behind the logo today thank you all for a wonderfully ACTIVE stream today BIG thanks to @tlcadigan & @DabneyPorte #smgirlfriends”

“Let's all wave to @LoriSica who is tweeting with our #SmGirlfriends Logo today!”

“RT @NFLgirlfriends: The pro-bowl to watch or not to watch ~that is the question Lori behind the logo and usually I am not a watcher #nflgirlfriends”

“BIG #Football #HighFive to @lorisica ~ the BAM behind #TeamGirlfriend and our #NFLgirlfriends logo account!”

“RT @NFLgirlfriends: This has been Lori behind the logo BIG thanks to @DabneyPorte and this rocking community Much love #nflgirlfriends”

“BIG #HighFive to YOU @lorisica for tweeting about my interview on The @LaurenMGalley Show via our @SmGirlfriends Logo acct! #SmGirlfriends”

“High Five and HUGS to @lorisica of #TeamGirlfriend for rocking the @Smgirlfriends logo acct today! #SmGirlfriends”

“RT @mactweetie: Nice! I like it, too. :) "@DabneyPorte: @livinlime LOVE the LOGO! LOVE YOU! #SmGirlfriends"”

“RT @NFLgirlfriends: this is Lori behind the logo taking a #family break hope to be back for them #texans much love #nflgirlfriends”

“RT @NFLgirlfriends: caught long 4th Q logo pass from the FAB @DabneyPorte tweeting from @smgirlfriends now (lori sica) WE are #teamtweeting #nflgirlfriends”

“RT @NFLgirlfriends: @TellsPeople well its Lori behind the logo tonight so its #GMEN #nflgirlfriends”

“RT @NFLgirlfriends: This #jersey girl behind the logo officially sidelined it has been awesome tweeting 2night catch u with the headlines in AM #nflgirlfriends”

“RT @MsSMmanners: Remember ~

All Questions will come from our Community Logo Account!

So follow @MsSmManners!

Question 1 coming up next #SmManners”

“RT @NFLgirlfriends: Hey #smgirlfriends bring your #facebook conversation over here to twitter and ROCK the logo #nflgirlfriends”

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