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“RT @lynetteBarb: @lorisica @NFLgirlfriends @Ravens @vanessacoppes @ettmoms We are with you Lori! Together We Achieve More! #ETTMOMS”

“BAM! RT @NFLgirlfriends: Lori behind the logo tonight and sending BIGcheers to @DabneyPorte tonight #nflgirlfriends”

“RT @SmGirlfriends: have an AMAZING rest of the day Bring That Brilliance wherever the day takes you ~Lori #smgirlfriends”

“Ditto to YOU Lori! xo RT @MissDioroffic: @DabneyPorte awe I am thanks so much wow ur always super kind makes twitter #worthwhile xxx Lori x”

“RT @SmGirlfriends: Afternoon beautifuls!! Lori behind the logo sharing coffee <> Welcome new followers Have an amazing day #smgirlfriends”

“RT @JacqueGonzales: It's Monday morning - and I'm getting ready to go on QVC at 9aE/6aP with our SHARK - Lori Genier ->... ”

Interview with Dr. Lori L. Shemek

Interview with Dr. Lori L. Shemek

RT @AmitV_Tweets: INTERVIEW WITH DR. LORI L. SHEMEK Read it :-) @DabneyPorte @EdibleGoddess @DLWilsonsWorld @KarenCook @grattongirl

“RT @SmGirlfriends: Lori behind the logo today thank you all for a wonderfully ACTIVE stream today BIG thanks to @tlcadigan & @DabneyPorte #smgirlfriends”

“RT @NFLgirlfriends: The pro-bowl to watch or not to watch ~that is the question Lori behind the logo and usually I am not a watcher #nflgirlfriends”

“RT @LoriShemek: "In your quest to be better in any area, focus on what you want, identify what you need to get it, and take action." ~Lori Shemek”

“Yes she did! RT @ViJIENEC: Lori did an amazing job last night. We had so much fun with her. #NFLgirlfriends rock!^TN @DabneyPorte @lorisica

“Wooooo Lori! RT @LoriShemek: #NFLgirlfriends Texas! #49ers & #COWBOYS! :):)”

“RT @HalBoard: Lori, who you got today ? @NFLgirlfriends: one STRONG drive by @Broncos right here #nflgirlfriends"”

Twitter / TeetyRobin: @TeetyRobin @NFLFemale ...

Twitter / TeetyRobin: @TeetyRobin @NFLFemale ...

RT @NFLgirlfriends: @TeetyRobin @NFLFemale yayyy!! thanks for sharing Auntie Robin & Miss Lexi Hows mama & family doing (lori here)

“RT @NFLgirlfriends: @WendyFournier @DabneyPorte I am sorry Wendy I (Lori) am a Giants fan we are born that way lol #nflgirlfriends”

“RT @NFLgirlfriends: This has been Lori behind the logo BIG thanks to @DabneyPorte and this rocking community Much love #nflgirlfriends”

“RT @lorisica: AGREE @LaurenMGalley @DabneyPorte @SmGirlfriends Thanks Lori!! I think this show should be a class for all students!! (not kidding)”

“RT @CassidyMcM: @lorisica Thank u so much Lori for ur kind thoughts & support of my #bullying prevention film. I appreciate it. @dabneyporte #SmGirlfriends”

“RT @KenScheer: @lorisica @DabneyPorte @TomekaNapper LORI, TOMEKA, DABNEY :) #smmanners”

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