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“RT @GreenSkyDeb: "Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love."
Mother Teresa”

Love what you do... #SmGirlfriends ”

“RT @BHGRealEstate: Thanks @CarsonArthur "Thanks for the great conversation today! @DabneyPorte. Felt the love from everyone #SmGirlfriends."”

“RT @CarsonArthur: Thanks for the great conversation today! @DabneyPorte. Felt the love from everyone #SmGirlfriends. Join me this Tuesday #BHGREparty”

LOVE the LOVE! RT @MeeoMiia: Hi Marie! Super BIG HUGS!!! Xoxoxo @livinlime #SmGirlfriends”

“Don't you just LOVE @CarsonArthur's laugh? #SmGirlfriends”

“Yes! and I love the LOVE, don't you Tami? RT @Tami777: @DabneyPorte I guess there's just a lot of love going around :) #SmGirlfriends”

“RT @wichitanne: With Love @LaurenMGalley @DabneyPorte sending Valentines from OZ ... XOX ”

LOVE RT @BHGRealEstate: Check out this #outdoor #makeover that required no major renovations ”

“RT @MousewardBound: @DabneyPorte you are very welcome. Why I love Twitter: brings people together for a common love

Love what you're doing @jpriceceo > I AM! Happiness - Articles, News & Press - The I Am Foundation We should talk!”

“RT @MomBeTween: #Dating Check out my friend @ThePerfectCatch 's free call offer. Here is the link #love #relationships”

“RT @MeeoMiia: Love LOVE love YOU!!!! @DabneyPorte @MeeoMiia When you FAV my tweets... I feel like you just gave me a #TwitterHug! Thanks so much! xo”

“RT @MW_Thompson: I think people would be shocked at how many of these same permissions are granted to other apps they use and love. #FacebookMessenger”

“RT @maryjorapini: @DabneyPorte As an intimacy/sex therapist I am always grateful 2 tweet about love. is ur #NestOfFabulous:))”

“ Dear #SmGirlfriends ~

Do what you LOVE

LOVE who you are

That is the secret to success in biz and life! xo”

“Do all things with LOVE. It's really that simple! #SmGirlfriends ”

“RT @inawordfab: @DabneyPorte so glad you can feel the e-love! #twitterhugs”

“You have to LOVE @Andy as he manages this #RHONY train wreck w a smile. Adore him.”

“RT @ElleDeborahn: @DabneyPorte I #love #people and #people who #speak about #positive things. #twitterhugsback”

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