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“Sending me an auto dm on Twitter is like asking me to your party & not taking the time to walk over & say hello. #DabneyTip on #SmManners”

“RT @MaryringmyBell: I have a feeling that Christina helping Owen find a 'mate' is not going to turn out well for either party. #GreysAnatomy”

Twitter / AngieLembo: @Silver_Trumpet @DabneyPorte ...

Twitter / AngieLembo: @Silver_Trumpet @DabneyPorte ...

RT @AngieLembo: @Silver_Trumpet @DabneyPorte @DailyDimmick La #NutraSumma party has just begun! #smgirlfriends thx 2 #jasonvonk! ✌️

“It is #InternationalWomensDay!
What a PERFECT day to be having a party for my #SmGirlfriends in #LaLaLand!”

“Ya! RT @KimberlyRGoh: @DabneyPorte Thx, glad to be here! This party is a BLAST #smgirlfriends #SlumberParty”

Twitter / BarbaraDuke: Here is our signature drink, ...

Twitter / BarbaraDuke: Here is our signature drink, ...

RT @SmGirlfriends: we love when @BarbaraDuke starts pourin the purple peeptinis Party has started #slumberparty

“RT @vicmaranto: Missing my girl @DabneyPorte ~ I am IN for the #SlumberParty so I can join her tweets from Cali and @MarriottCM! Let's PARTY #SmGirlfriends”

Twitter Slumber Party

Twitter Slumber Party

Dear #SmGirlfriends ~ 30 minutes & we are going to PARTY w @NutraSumma! Join us using the #SlumberParty tag! Details

“YES! I have #NutraSummaGirl Tshirts & FAB supplements to toss out! RT @GiaBeautyTalk: Did Someone say #NutraSumma Party... @SmGirlfriends ♡”

“RT @ArevaMartin: Thx @DabneyPorte 4 the S/O. Parenting isnt easy, but kids deserve 2 have a mom focused on them even if it means missing the party! #DrPhil”

“Dear #SmGirlfriends ~ if YOU are in the LA area ~ hold the eve of March 8th open for a PARTY!”

Twitter / DabneyPorte: #FabAlert for my #California ...

Twitter / DabneyPorte: #FabAlert for my #California ...

#FabAlert for my #California #SmGirlfriends ~ Hold the date ~ This girl is coming to town! #Party

The Gridiron Chef Super Bowl Party!

The Gridiron Chef Super Bowl Party!

RT @NFLgirlfriends: we love this @NFLFemale " sometimes the party is as important as the game" #gridironchef

“ Planning our #SmManners FOUR YEAR #BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Do you have a give a way you would like to share?

Let me know! @Outback is IN!”

“RT @thebendigirl: I LOVE birthday parties! RT @DabneyPorte: @thebendigirl Did you hear? We are celebrating @TomekaNapper's #BIRTHDAY today! #SmGirlfriends”

“We do toooo! RT @Partyaficionado: @DabneyPorte @StephDCottrell Thank you. I love a good party! Especially on game day :) #NFLgirlfriends”

“RT @StephDCottrell: It's a PARTY at #NFLGirlfriends RT @DabneyPorte: Hi Cheryl! Come on over to #NFLgirlfriends @Partyaficionado @StephDCottrell #BoomBoomPOW!”

“No....I hear there is a party coming up w #HappyWivesClub RT @RockOnMommies: @DabneyPorte Good! Busy! Is it nap time yet? LOL”

“RT @hashtracking: @DabneyPorte @JodiOkun #HashChat Party tonight at 5:30 pm PT, Twitter at 6 pm its a Holiday Party plus our new releases, can you come?”

“ Do you do it all???

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